View Full Version : Wanted A600 motherboard, or repair service

13th January 2011, 19:34
Well bugger, I went to fire up a spare A600 and it does not boot! I get a black screen and HD LED flashes. Then locks up. I smell a faint burning smell. Not able to fix this myself I need a new MB or someone who can fix my motherboard. Already had Amiga Center in France fix it for $50, not sure I want to spend that much again on it. NTSC preffered but will take a PAL Motherboard.

22nd November 2014, 18:19
Bump! Anyone that can do a cap repair or have a capped A600 motherboard for sale?

Every time someone posts one for sale, the vultures come in and it's gone in record time! ARGH

22nd November 2014, 19:12
I have a second A600 which i don't really use since one is enough ATM. It's in perfect condition, fully working of course. I'd be willing to sell it for 50 euros plus shipping if you are interested. I can also add a rom switcher (comes complete with 1.3/3.1) for an extra 15 euros. Let me know :)

25th November 2014, 03:31
The whole unit? Is it recapped?