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13th January 2011, 22:26
For sale a Metal Slug Aes convertion (jap. ver.). The convertion has been done using original components only.
(The manual is not included..).
Asking 130 Eur. + P.





14th January 2011, 02:47
What do you mean convertion?

14th January 2011, 03:06
@Countraven, i wondered about that too, have a read here (http://www.aorensoftware.com/blog/neo-geo-cart-conversions/)

14th January 2011, 03:43
There are two Neo Geo systems, the MVS which is the arcade and the AES which is the home, the two carts are slightly different so that it is not possible to plug them into either system, however the chips are the same so people are able to swap the chips from an MVS arcade card into an AES cart. The thing is that MVS carts are cheaper than their AES counterparts. So basically this is an MVS arcade cart converted into an AES cart, which should be mean that theoretically it should be cheaper as it is unofficial version of the game.

Sorry ami_junki, I had to remove the last sentence of your post as it could be considered price driving.

14th January 2011, 10:50
Ami_junki explain everything quite well.
Mhm, I think 130 is a fair price, I've bought this for 199 eur., you should be well aware that the original is one of the most rare and pricy Neo Geo Aes game...

16th January 2011, 10:17
The item has been sold on ebay.

Thank you