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15th January 2011, 12:28
hello all,

As i have mentioned elsewhere my A500+ died from excessive battery damage and so a quick ebay search secured another A500 rev 5 board for a 10

So the Amiga was stripped and cleaned in soapy water, and all the parts i could change from the A500+ where swapped in to the A500 (except Agnus)

Scn68000c in the A500+ changed to a 680000 motorola
denise, gary, paula, rom, cia's all swapped from the A500+ to the A500

As i was browsing i can across a 68010 which i bought and have swapped for the 68000.

The kickstart 2.04 wont work in a rev5 A500 without a wire being fitted

and finally a A501 512K trapdoor ram fitted.

and finally - it lives!

Just a side note.
One sysinfo pic has a A590 with 2 meg ram fast ram fitted and this gives a huge speed increase on the 68010

future upgrades..

well 2mb chip ram and max fast ram but we'll see....

new update: Jan 2011

Floppy drive emulator bought and fitted (trial fit to test it)
The SDCard HxC Floppy emulator by Lotharek and can be bought via ebay or via the web on Lothareks own web page

verdict so far...

well its very good, im more impressed today than yesterday when it arrived... why? because you have to convert ADFs to .HFE via some windows software and as i use a mac i wasnt happy , i had hoped that adf's could be drag and drop but no... oh well bootcamp and fire up stinky windows (!)

okay coverted (batch convert) about 20 games over to my spare SD card - old tomtom one. and...bingo everything works although very slowly (?)
Well, its seems that the autoboot.hfe v1 is very slow to use but ive just downloaded v1.1 beta and its much better

so now i can boot the A500 into autoboot (black screen menu) and select and game in to DF0 and if needed DF1

so now im just playing at fitting it properly in the A500 - man i hate floppy disks! so im pleased to remove the disk drive


well the A500 floppy & power cable are too short and you will need access to the three buttons to operate the thing

So i will have to mod the case of the A500 and fit both the LCD panel and access to three buttons....

stay tuned

15th January 2011, 14:57
Great restoration work! Fantastic Job mate! :thumbsup:

15th January 2011, 15:22

15th January 2011, 15:41
thank you very much :-)

26th January 2011, 20:00
floppy emulator added to day ...more fun

26th January 2011, 20:21
nice rebuild you have done there :thumbsup:

26th January 2011, 20:37
thanks cosmic...plenty left to do :-)

26th January 2011, 20:52
This floppy emulator is a nice addition to the "plussed 500" :D

Grtz, PymerOne.