View Full Version : HIGH CDTV with Derringer 030 + 68882 + Subway USB + LAN, OS 3.9 BB2 (Sveta)

20th January 2011, 16:38

Here is my HIGH CDTV 030 Project ;) (yet not final: USB/LAN back panel, CDTV diagnostic connector-adapter for CV64/3D + BigRAM CD8 (need DMA Fast RAM for faster HDD drive speed and more...))


CDTV board 2.2.1 ECS chipset + NEW 68000 Socket
Derringer 030/50 68882/50 32MB Fast RAM (with NEW 68k Socket) REV.02
Subway USB + D-Link USB to LAN
Indivision ECS - coming soon
2,5" HDD via SCSI to IDE adapter - coming soon
A500 clockports - with Sveta 2008 upgrade
picoPSU + adapter to CDTV - prototyp from Ian
Commodore SCSI card + VERY RARE ext. original black Commodore SCSI HDD 60MB - Thanks Amibay!
BigRAM CD (+1MB Chip RAM) - direct from WAW (thanks Willi!)
CF reader via SCSI to IDE adapter "CDTV Front Memory place"
Maus/Joystick adapter from jopower
BootROMs 2.30 + Kickstart ROM 3.1

External hardware:

Commodore rare C1084S black, CDTV black Keyboard, CDTV black ext. Floppy + CDTV black mouse + yet another USB mouse, Commodore SCSI HDD :-)













Regards, Sveta

20th January 2011, 16:40
damn, why isn't this in the For Sale section :p

I'm interested ;)

20th January 2011, 16:42
damn, why isn't this in the For Sale section :p

I'm interested ;)

If you owned such a set-up, would you list it in the For Sale section??


Nah, didn't think so! ;)

20th January 2011, 16:53
Impressive specs! Can't wait to see the pictures. :thumbsup:

20th January 2011, 16:55
Impressive specs! Can't wait to see the pictures. :thumbsup:

+1 :thumbsup:

20th January 2011, 17:19
I am looking forward to see how you made the lid fit!

My CDTV has 2MB CHIP RAM, SCSI (which only works with CF cards using an external PSU - no idea why...), KS1.3/3.1, and the case closes. I was planning to use the front memory slot, but as said for some reason I cannot get the CF card to work without an external PSU. The odd thing is that it'll power a SCSI hard drive quite happily, leading me to think there's a problem with grounding. Of course, I discovered this challenge *after* fitting it all and hot gluing it in place! Damn it, I might have another go now.

I've got a spare CSA-MMR which'd give me an 030 with 882 and 8MB fast ram... but I really like the case of my CDTV closing! I'll be looking at this for inspiration :thumbsup:

20th January 2011, 17:29
He simply made a new higher case top sitting on the original upper case. Other you can't fit the expansions. Also with sime holes for air circulation.

Saw it on pics


AWSOME hardware list :wooha:


20th January 2011, 18:11
I've seen Binox's case:

20th January 2011, 19:34

WOOOOOOOOOOOOW thats better then svetas (sry sveta :) ). But I would like it much more if it would be CDTV black (not blue transparent as it seems to be on the pic).

Maybe Sveta will think about that, that would be real great!


20th January 2011, 20:43
WOW! That is one fine CDTV setup! I would like mine to be all beefed up like this one day :) Great work! :thumbsup:

20th January 2011, 21:25
Nice job!
I actually bought a spare case to hack a hole in the top of, but so far I haven't been able to bring myself to do it...

Subway / clock port adaptor: tell me more :D

20th January 2011, 22:15
I guess the bigger case is the main problem....

Got no idea how this could be made so any more specs would be cool...

20th January 2011, 22:17
I think I need a cold shower.

20th January 2011, 22:43
Awesome job Sveta mate. I have seen your CDTV somewhere else but can't remember where :)

Keep the post updated every time you have some new pr0n for showing!

20th January 2011, 23:02
CDTV diagnostic connector-adapter for CV64/3D

You mean that you going to add a CV64/3D on he CDTV?

21st January 2011, 00:27
Holy mother of god!, I never even knew you could get accelerators for the CDTV :blink:, lovely machines Sveta and Binox! :cool: I love this about Amibay, when people post pics of their amazing Amigas. The amount of work, researching the bits and sheer dedication you people show is incredible! :thumbsup:

21st January 2011, 07:20
Actually you don't have an HD installed in your CDTV? :roll:

Nice machine, btw ;)

31st March 2011, 22:32
Mfilos my friend you are on every amiga form isn’t it?:)

The reason you have seen it before is because I build it and its been on amiga.org and EAB, but not to show it off but because I had some problems with the Internal HDD.

I even tried to sell it on this site, but I didn’t know what the price would be, amibay insisted on a price so I took it off and sold it on ebay.
I build this 3? Years ago when I was Ill to keep my mind busy, and not thinking about the pain all the time.

I sold all my amiga gear but to play a game once a while I got myself a cdtv to put next to my audio gear. Then on a dutch ebay like site there was a amiga 2000 with this derringer 030 in it. And it was just sitting there nobody noticed the derringer. So I gave him a call and he sold me the derringer.
But the derringer is too high to fit in the cdtv so I marked the lit and used a dremel to cut a hole in the cover. I bought a air outlet cover but it was not high enough. I took a pice of plywood bolded in on there and used a dremel sanding tool to remove the wood around the aluminium cover. Painted the whole thing black.

There was a guy still selling cdtv harddrive controllers and joystick adapters, he sold me the last ones. A SCSI bridge to IDE was used and a Compaq flash adapter replaced the internal ram card reader. It was a very expensive project.

People always told me I was stuck in the 90’s because of my amiga hobby and that’s why I sold it all. But a year ago I though Oh well &^$# it, and I now have my own retro room where it’s always 1995.

I just retro bleach A amiga 600 with klippers pcmcia CF adapter, aca630, 603, wifi, and it’s great fun.

I see my old cdtv project on many forums, so now you know who really build it and why.

I cannot post a picture here because it's my first post ;-)

31st March 2011, 22:50
Nice story there my friend. I guess most of us have similar stories selling, regretting, and buying from scratch or at least experiment :)
I thing it's what Amiga is all about!

I really love elegant and detailed mods, and seriously this... is one of the elite ones! I always like reading details about every mod and that's why I was sure I spoted it in the past :)

Cheers mate, and welcome to Amibay \o/

22nd January 2012, 21:43
Anyone who has managed to design an adapter for the processor slot in the CDTV to access Zorro boards?

I also own a CDTV and like to squeeze in a PeggyPlus board to play VideoCD movies on a stock Amiga CDTV =)

Technically it should be possible as all pins should be available on the processor slot, and by hooks on some of the custom chips.


26th May 2012, 18:29

WOW! That is one fine CDTV setup! I would like mine to be all beefed up like this one day :) Great work! :thumbsup:


Today update with new photos:

Commodore SCSI card & VERY RARE ext. Commodore HDD!!! :thumbsup:

Thanks Amibay!

Regards, Sveta

20th September 2012, 04:13
I want a machine like yours... maybe soon :D
But the scsi module itīs difficult to get :(
Congratulations!! nice machine mate!! :thumbsup:

Pedro ;)

5th October 2012, 19:58
Stunning machine there,I didn't think it was possible to do so much to the CD-TV.:)

Very cool indeed, well done :bowdown:

13th August 2013, 11:46
I wish my CDTV will looks like this one some day..