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26th December 2008, 21:43
Hi all,
just looking to recover the costs on this 10 moons lt290 s-video adaptor i bought (you will need to do the s-video mod to get the best from this but it does act as a scandoubler/flickfixer)

TV format

PAL (System I,D,K), NOT support system PAL B & G, M, NTSC






B. I/O Connector

RF Input

(75 ohm impedance, F or PH type) (By Mode)

TV input

(75 ohm impedance, F or PH type)

AV input

Audio input RCA L/R

RGB input

Composite RGB x1

Audio output

3.5mm connector

RGB output

D-SUB x1

is works fantastically well with my s-video modded a1200, plugged it in once then bought another A1200 that came with a scan doubler so now i don't need it.

like i said just want to get back what i paid so 29.80 plus carriage

30th January 2009, 01:53
Hello there m8y-0h

I just sorted out my daiughter with an A1200 + 4GB CF + 4MB Fast so she can WHDload Brian the Lion till her hearts content, however as she only has an LCD in her room she has made off with my TFT/CRT Tuner Box, so I am looking to replace the one I had....

this monster still up for grabs?

30th January 2009, 09:26
sorry, buddy boy, my bad i should have told someone this has gone

cheers, JuvUK