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26th January 2011, 14:37
Hi :)

I recently eBayed a Netgear FA410 card, but sadly, despite working 100% in my laptop and being in complete brand new, mint condition, it seems to be a revision that doesn't want to work in my Amiga :( The machine freezes with it inserted whilst up and running, and unfreezes with it removed.

If inserted on switch-on, it doesn't boot at all, frozen solid. Some sort of interrupt-related thing. It's actually a FA410-TX, so maybe it's a different model altogether. (FA410 is in the working list for cnet.device)

Anyway, let's cut to the chase. :)

I'm after a PCMCIA card which works with the cnet.device or 3c589.device - preferably a 10/100 one like the Netgear FA410 (but obviously not the TX :p). I know the Amiga 600 probably can't reach anywhere near 100Mbit, even with an 030, but what the hell.

I'd also prefer a card that has a dongle rather than a built-in chunky housing in it - every mm of space counts on my desk! :lol:

Also, must be cheap! :)


26th January 2011, 22:47

26th January 2011, 23:25
I've tried this patch already mate. Even without any patches, the machine should still boot with the card in the slot.

The machine just freezes solid and the mouse pointer isn't movable either. If you take the card out, it un-freezes. :)

Stupid card. :roll:

26th January 2011, 23:40
hi have you checked you pins on the slot as mine give me loads of grief

27th January 2011, 00:21
Hi John,

Yes mate, all the pins are perfect. I was about to start trying it in some A1200 motherboards I have around the place, but I've just seen these threads:


Both exact same problem, both seem unresolved. It's time to try another card.