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28th December 2008, 13:59
A2000 for sale - excellent condition - used mainly for graphics and broadcast applications - 68020 co-processor and SCSI board, large HDD, includes keyboard.

No monitor.

I also have large selection of high end graphics applications for sale, such as Sculpt Animate 4D (Pro version), ASDG image processing, Digi View, and some software intended for digital to film image output applications.

This computer saw me through several TV jobs in the mid 80's to late 90's so is specced up for professional work, and was never a games machine or used for a spare time hobby.

Surrey based (very close to Heathrow) : Ashford, Middlesex - collection preferred

100.00 ONO (computer & various peripherals only) - for a small chunk of TV history...actually a very useable computer alongwith D-Paint (included) - retro CGI is back in fashion...

28th December 2008, 14:12

Hello and welcome to Amibay, That A2000 sounds like a very nice piece of kit.

In line with Amibay Rules & Policy, Can I please ask you to update your post asap to include an asking price for the A2000. We do not operate as an auction or bidding site.

If you wish to sell the software mentioned in your post separate to the sale of the A2000 you can start a new thread in the "Software for Sale" forum, again you will need to include asking prices.

I'm aware that you have added your location in the post, If you could also update your User CP to include this location for the future it would be much appreciated.

Good luck with the sale & please feel free to contact me or any AmiStaff if you have any questions or we can be of service.

Best Regards
TC 8)

1st January 2009, 21:15
I'm interested. Sounds like a very neat setup. Any pictures?

2nd January 2009, 10:44
I'll post pics later today - I have a working Amiga 1084 monitor where the on-switch needs repairing (it currently needs to be held in, which is a pain) which I can throw in for free.

A newer widescreen display would be even better though.