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31st December 2008, 21:57
A selection of professional level graphics packages and applications for sale :

Interchange 3D object file format conversion (eg Turbo Silver to Sculpt Animate 4D) - 5.00p ONO
ASDG Art Dept Pro - Image file format conversion software & Image processing - 10.00 ONO
ASDG for LFR Film Recorder output software - 20.00 ONO
Sculpt Animate 4D with manual, boxed, excellent condition - (I really rate this software) - SOLD
Digiview Media Station graphics software bundle - 5.00 ONO
ImageLink - Amiga to film output file format conversion software (converts 8/16 bit to full 24 bit) - 20.00p ONO
QuarterBack & Quarterback Tools - 10.00 ONO
Turbo Silver - 3D software + manuals (+ upgrade manual but no software...) - 10.00 ONO
Imagine 3D V 2.9 - 3D Software + box & manual - 10.00p ONO

31st December 2008, 22:48
Hi ravi8, welcome to AmiBay!!

To help the members, can you please update your profile to show your location? It helps with assessing the shipping costs.

That's a nice collection of graphics software there by the way; did you use your Amiga for serious image processing work, and if so, how? I'm sure that some of the members on here would be interested to hear about it.


Kin Hell
1st January 2009, 12:31
What version of Imagine please?

1st January 2009, 23:23
I'm interested in Sculpt 4D :D PM sent

2nd January 2009, 16:16
Kin Hell,
It's version 2.9 - I had a pre-release of V.3 but it never worked properly, maybe because my OS was not suitable.

I did a few jobs with 2.9 so it's pretty robust.


2nd January 2009, 16:41

This is a polite 3rd request asking if you could please update your profile to show your location for the reasons Merlin has stated above.

TC :roll:

Kin Hell
2nd January 2009, 17:23
Thanks for the reply. I already have version 3.2 here. Thanks all the same.

Would you also take note of Merlin & TC asking you to update your profile & respond accordingly. You only have to say no or make a compromise if you really don't want to.

Cheers! :D

2nd January 2009, 17:47
Sod it, I've done it for him... :roll:

2nd January 2009, 21:13
Whoops...sorry...I've amended & updated my profile now...not Ashford, Kent, a common mistake...

2nd January 2009, 21:18
Well, it's all sorta dahn Sarf samwhere, innit?

What would us Northerners know about the Sarf?


2nd January 2009, 21:18
Damn pipped to the post by an invisible person :(

2nd January 2009, 21:19
I'd be happy to talk about my image proc' applications / work etc...


Kin Hell
3rd January 2009, 01:29
@ R