View Full Version : Closed amiga 4000 whatsits

5th February 2011, 07:30
Hi! guys I need a few pieces to complete my A4000 project

240volt A4000 power supply in working order
A motherboard in good working condition preferred for A4000D
A AMAX2 card with cables roms etc.
A Compserv scandoubler
If anyone can help please pm me with prices to Sydney Australia

5th February 2011, 07:36
Hey there Harry,

I have a good a4k psu spare, well, will be spare when I put in my atx replacement in a week or so. If you like I can pm you then (oh, and I have not forgotten about your mediator gfx card. Cant help with a4k mb though, sorry.

Im chasing a single rubber foot from an a4k desktop case, dont suppose you have one of those? :)

5th February 2011, 13:18
thanks m8 I 'll pm you abou the psu