View Full Version : Found FOUND: PS2 Network Adapter

Kin Hell
2nd January 2009, 16:17
Anyone got one of these they no longer need?
Must have the IDE interface with it too, just in case there are different makes/models!?
I guess the connection Disc/software would also be cool.

Cash waiting for the right example. 8)

16th January 2009, 20:38
Now... I have one of these but I'm not that keen to part with it, since I use it to run PS2 linux (yay)

I'll consider parting with it during the next week if you don't get any other offers :)

May I ask what you want one for?

Kin Hell
16th January 2009, 20:46
Hard Drive Storage. But.......

You don't need to, I only acquired one yesterday! :D

See you Sunday! :wink:

*edit* The other Bay! :oops: