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8th February 2011, 10:57
Hello there my fellow AmiBay'ers

Since my new acquisition of a Spectrum+ 128 (http://www.amibay.com/showpost.php?&p=141971), I have decided I would like to complete this 1980's masterpiece with an Interface 1 and Micro-Drive solution.

also if one has a working micro-drive cassette - that would be awesome too =)

So if you have such items and want to sell or trade them on, please let me know, also there's any type of hardware you might be looking for, I am open to part-exchanges and swaps =)

Interface 1
(mmmm yummy)

Sinclair Microdrive
(aren't they cute?)

Micro-Drive Cassette
(*hehe* its so tiny)

(yes i know I couldn't resist putting in hardware pr0n even in a wanted thread!)

Thanks for looking =)

8th February 2011, 11:08

I have a couple of these lying around but am currently in the process of moving and they are well and truly boxed up.

If you are OK to hang on a couple of weeks (at the most) I will dig a working set out for you (& a few tapes as well).

As far as a trade - can I have a think about it - or could you PM me a list of what sort of thing you currently could do without.

I collect most british 1980s computers and also my Amigas of course (a500+, a600, 1200, a1200D(PPC) & a3000)

8th February 2011, 11:17

my friend it would be a pleasure to do business with you again =)

have a thought of what you want/might be after - as you know I pretty much collect everything LOL!

15th February 2011, 02:27
Hi Zetro

Do you have the interface and the microdrive?
If no i have a interface and 3 microdrive and 16 microdrives (tape )

Best Regards

15th February 2011, 08:32

Fatbob_gb and I are looking at trading some stuff and cash - which reminds me to remind him about it - so thanks for reminding me to remind him as he asked me to remind him about it but I forgot.... or something like that. *heheh*

However one can never have enough Interface 1'n Microdrives so shall PM you for some info's =)

thanks for your reply =D

16th February 2011, 08:08
Hi Zetro, you can check here..


19th February 2011, 15:06
Interface 1, Microdrive, and 4 cartridges are in the post. - Have Fun

19th February 2011, 18:55

awww m8 that is awesome!!!!

you sir are a star indeed!


A huge thanks to fatbob_gb, he has been kind enough to send me a load of stuff and I look forward to taking some pics soon =D

12th April 2011, 15:16
I believe that this thread has served its purpose well =)

my thanks to all involved in helping me get this kit, I really really appreciate it!