View Full Version : Closed 2Mb Agnus for 2000 or 500

4th January 2009, 18:06
Ladies & Gents,

The first part to be offered up from my 2000 is the 2Mb Agnus Hack giving your 2000 2 Mb of very useful Chip RAM.

Details can be found on my 2000 thread on A.org HERE (http://www.amiga.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=42991&forum=8&viewmode=flat&order=ASC&start=0)

Give your Miggy the extra breathing room it needs.

This is for a PAL Amiga.

Price: 60.



P&P will be;
UK - Royal Mail Special Delivery 5.05

For Overseas Airmail with Royal Mail Airsure online Tracking,
Europe 7.81
USA 10.27

4th January 2009, 18:07
PM sent on this :)

4th January 2009, 18:16
I'd just like to put in a bid for fastest ever sale on Amibay!

Gone to my good buddy Zetro. :D

4th January 2009, 18:20


ps... look behind you...... yoohooo :D

15th January 2009, 17:12
Is this the same thing as the DKB Megachip?

15th January 2009, 17:35

indeed, there are a few varients about.

I am hoping to be able to make one of my own, I have all that I need now including r0jaws's card as a reference, my research is almost complete on the various flavours of Agnus the only thing I need now is TIME :)

I hope to have an OPEN SOURCE version up soon :) and have it under 20 to make.

Kin Hell
15th January 2009, 17:36
Damned impressive Stuff Zetr0, really m8y! :shock:

15th January 2009, 17:40
Thanks my friend, but I dobt I am that clever on my own.

theres lots of projects that have come before I am just using bits of their work combined with my own research, I tell you my acknowledgements list is getting hairly huge :)