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4th January 2009, 18:16
Ladies & Gents,

This is the KCS PC Emulator suitable for your 2000, 500 or 600.

Edit: The 600 requires an adapter cable, not included in this sale

The Board comes with the ZORRO slot adapter to fit it into your 2000 or it can be used in your 500's trapdoor.

It comes with all the software and manuals necessary to install it, however you will need your own copy of MS DOS 5.0.

This card can be used with MS DOS 6.0 and has even been able to run Windows 3.0! (although veeeerrrrrryy slllloooowwwllyy)

My thread on A.org HERE (http://www.amiga.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=42991&forum=8&viewmode=flat&order=ASC&start=0) goes into more detail.

Price: 20




In the UK via RM Special Delivery 6.40

Europe via Airsure 10.31
USA via Airsure 15.27

(Edit: Thanks rkauer, I didn't notice that 600 requirement)

6th January 2009, 23:20
Hi, would you be interested in selling the z2 adaptor alone? I already have the board, but would love the z2 adaptor...

6th January 2009, 23:28
I would consider it (I have been asked about this elsewhere too), but I'm going to leave it complete for the time being.
If after a while no one declares an interest, I'll post on here about splitting it up.

7th January 2009, 01:42
And remember you, the punters, this little board also acts as a 1Mb memory expansion for any A500 when the 286 part is not running.

On the A2000 the inside memory will be added to the Z2 Fast RAM, if there is room for it.

Very clever little board!

7th January 2009, 09:15
Oh go on then, I'll take it please :D

7th January 2009, 09:56
@r0jaws / chiark

Although I mentioned during PM's regarding the sale of the c64 that i would be interested in the Z2 adapter, I did not express such interest in the actual thread.

Now as much as I would really like the Z2 adapter chiark has expressed interest here, & if I read correctly would like to buy the whole kit as it is.
tbh if I had the funds to spare I would have gone for the whole kit too as a spare KCS card is very handy.

r0jaws cheers for the heads up but hopefully it's all sorted now. :wink:


Using the ZII adapter on A2000 only provides 8088 PC XT functionality, it's better in that it allows direct mapping to the amiga floppies & HD controller (no virtual HD's here).
However disadvantage is that it is NOT a bridgeboard, ISA slots remain inactive (big deal??)
It also does not map it's memory to ZII Fast ram in Amiga Mode & of course the PC function is single tasking no Amiga in background.
Having said that it has a very compatible VGA emulation, is extremly stable & out performs the C= A2286 as well.
Mine runs Dos 6.22 / Win 3.0, The KCS is a fantastic little product one of faves from A500 days.

TC :mrgreen:

7th January 2009, 10:11
Yes, for the avoidance of doubt, I'd like the whole lot as advertised for 20 + P&P :)
TC, if you've got first call on this then that's fine. Don't want to upset anyone over it :)

7th January 2009, 10:54

I don't have 1st call on the item as I've explained in my above post, you are the first to express interest within the thread & are defnitely first in line.
I'm also very glad you are buying it too, great addition to your A2000.
No hard feelings or upsets at all my friend, although I liked the idea of the Z II adapter if I was that set on it I would have posted here expressing sooner....

I hope that's put everyting to bed now. :wink:
Best Wishes
TC :mrgreen:

7th January 2009, 11:15
Just need to hear from Mr Jaws about how he'd like me to pay (magic beans are my favourite at the moment) ;) ...

Ta luv :D

(Where's the HUG smilie?)

7th January 2009, 14:10
Payment received from Chiark (Not in magic beans though, Ta mate) :)
Off to the post office as we speak.

It was a situation where I genuinely wished I had a couple of these adpaters, It is a great bit of kit and suits the 2000 down to the ground.

Still, I have the memories :mrgreen:

7th January 2009, 19:38
Just to clarify things, the KCS PPC+ have the abilities aforementioned.

Quoting Amiga Hardware Database:

in Amiga mode the 1 MB RAM acts as Amiga RAM:

* A500: 512 kB Chip RAM or 512 kB Fast RAM + 512 kB RAM disk
* A500+, A600: 1 MB Chip RAM
* A2000, A3000: 1 MB Fast RAM
* if an Amiga has 8 MB Fast RAM installed, the Power PC Board supplies 512 Kb of Extra RAM only :wink:

Also notice this little emulator board don't work on NTSC Amigas! :shock:

8th January 2009, 10:03
It also does not map it's memory to ZII Fast ram in Amiga Mode & of course the PC function is single tasking no Amiga in background.


Just to highlight as I do actually have one of these cards.

My quote above is correct, KCS Power PC V1 & V2 cards are NOT autconfig, you need to execute from startup-sequence the program KCSCONFIGMEM, which in the above cards case (& mine) will only add 512K max Fast RAM as they are the V1 cards not the V2.

& thats from the last release KCS V4.5 User Manual.

TC 8)

9th January 2009, 10:59
All arrived perfectly :D

Thanks r0jaws :)