View Full Version : Closed Selling Proflight Simulator for the ST

13th February 2011, 05:07
Selling Proflight (by Hisoft) for the Atari ST.

According to the box suitable for all ST, MEGA ST, STE, MEGA STE and Stacy computers with either mono or colour display.

Proflight simulates the Panavia Tornado combat aircraft and is for serious flight sim enthusiasts - it isn't a simple flight combat game.

The box is in quite good condition. One of the corners has torn at the join but apart from that still sturdy.


1 original disk with the serial number on it. (Tested, loads fine)

Manual - Ring-bound manual of over 140 pages with detailed instructions, flight theory, information on the Tornado, Tornado schematics and more. Virtually in as new condition.

Original registration card

Asking 10.00 . Postage will be about 4.50 due to the weight of the manual (UK). Payments by PayPal (gift). If interested please let me know.