View Full Version : Closed Commodore Plus 4 Computer / MB

16th February 2011, 23:05

I have a working (bar most of the keyboard) commodore plus 4. From what I can work out hunting about my IO chip is probably fried.

Im after a very cheap plus 4. Id prefer working, if not one with a suspected SID/CPU fault. I dont need the PSU and this should make it cheap to post.

PM me with what you have have, paid via payal, delivered by the slowest cheapest method!

19th February 2011, 02:01
most KB issues with the +4 *usually* come from dirty keyboard pcb or the connector. What makes you think its the IO chip? Compare your non-working keys to the keyboard matrix and see if there is a pattern. If you have a chip fault it could be the 6529 or the TED - so you know if your joysticks are working? If yes, that rules out TED.

I have spare 6529's if you're proficient with a soldering iron (they're usually not socketed)


25th February 2011, 23:37

Thanks for your advice! I took apart the keyboard and cleaned it all off, and tested the connector.

Everything seems ok and I put it back together with little expectation.

But every single key works! Just a shame my 1551 drive responds but seems to not want to read any disks

13th March 2011, 23:48
Can this be closed? My plus 4 is now a happy little machine!