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6th January 2009, 23:01
Hi folks: i have a rarely used mostly new Retina ZII for sale

The reason? Im investing all my efforts (and money) in my A1200 customised project, so im not giving the card the usage it deserves on my A4000.

The card is in perfect condition, i can supply pics upon request, working perfectly.

i dont have box , manuals but you can get manuals & soft on the net. I can point you out in the right direction

Im asking 140 american dollars, shipping & handling included , anywhere in the World.
Im located in Argentina, prefer PayPal as paymetn method, and the card will be sent insured, with Track & Trace system.

Any questions, feel free to ask


7th January 2009, 01:48
Just for curiosity's sake: how much memory is installed :?:

Did you be able to install CGX4 using this board :?:

Questions, questions...

7th January 2009, 23:54
Ola rogerio! Um prazer falar com voce!

Im 99% sure that it has 2 Mb installed. Is there an easy way to tell if it has 2 or 4 MB?

Concerning CGX 4, i never tried it in my life.
I know about the beta drivers, but always used version 3...

Im sorry not to be more useful, but feel fre to ask as many questions as you need



8th January 2009, 17:44
Hiyas Sebastian,

A beauty of a card is the retina, if you post a pic I may be able to help discover if its the 2MB or 4 MB varient.

You could also take note of what is written on the chips themselfs and post that here for better detail :)

good luck with your sale, she is a beauty of a card.

8th January 2009, 21:36
I thought it was simple to tell, it isn't... You need to know what chips are on there. The 4MB and 1MB versions both would look the same (alternate slots of ZIP ram full). The 2MB version has all sockets populated.

I think :D

11th January 2009, 23:20
Ok, just a small update for all interested in the card

The card is version 1.1 and has alternate slots populated with ram, as you can see on the pics.
The zip ram is marked with the following:

I simply dont know how much memory it has, but i hope this info helps you (and helps me to sell the beauty!)



Kin Hell
12th January 2009, 02:47
This is a Zorro II card only & is best suited for Pre Zorro III Amiga's.
It works in Zorro III Amigas, but can only do Zorro II transfer speeds. - Hence the Retina Z3BLT release...Better support for AGA machines! :wink:
Afair, these 1.1 cards came with 1Mb or 2mb or 4mb options! - I know cos I've owned a 4Mb one when they were brand new out......Cost me a fricking A3000 back in those days........

As your card isnt fully populated, it definately isn't 4Mb & it could only be either 2Mb Max or 1Mb max depending on the Chips installed.

Better still, read here:

Linky (http://www.amiga-hardware.com/showhardware.cgi?HARDID=460)

Thanks & Best Wishes,


/....Kin does not have pointy ears btw..... :shock: <-- Shock, ....not "Spock"....

12th January 2009, 03:02
@Kin Hell: thanx for the info mate!!!!

I never said it was a 4 MB card. I only said i didnt know, so i took a couple of pics, posted the info that is written on the ZIP chips so maybe others who know more than me would know how much ram is

Of course i tought i made clear that it was a Zorro II card, im not trying to take any kind of advantage here. I just put all the info i could tell about the card, hoping that somebody finds the card useful.

I just want the card go to a good home, to a user who actually can give her a good use, since i barely use it.
And of course, i need the funds, another important reason BTW :D

Now im thinking that maybe i asked too much money for the card????

But consider that shipping & handling costs here are about 25/30 dollars....so i tought i was giving a fair price for the card....

what do you think???



12th January 2009, 03:14

Hello my friend, I have sent you a PM with some more info,

Alas no one can comment what they might think is fair or worth as this breaks the primary directive of AmiBay.

any suggestion of price even if it is to help can hinder a sale and upset the intended person whom one is trying to help.

for this reason you must state YOUR price and go with it, if you wish you can always revise your price at your convience.

good luck with your sale my friend.

Kin Hell
12th January 2009, 03:15
@ gavilan/sebastian

I wasn't suggesting you were saying anything different in any manner. I was just saying what I knew about this card having owned one that cost me an 030 16Mb A3K in exchange for a brand new ZII 1.1 with 4mb through a Big Name Retailer at the time of their release...

Your price is your choice & the fact you can't test it to be sure means you really shouldn't be advertising it as you do Own it, but can't be sure of it's configuration. Consequently, you will have to price it accordingly & no one here can advise you without getting his ass kicked by me! - That would be considered as "Price Driving"

I'm only trying to be as helpful as I can before I make further decision on the direction of this thread.....

Best Wishes,


*edit* Soz Zeets, you'd posted whilst I was typing! :wink:

12th January 2009, 04:01
ZetrO/Kin Hell: guys, thank you very very much for all the info and help you are providing me

Maybe i misunderstood your point, and i ask you please to accept all my apologies for any inconvenience :oops:

I now understand the concept about "Price Driving". The last thing i want to do is to break any rule of this lovely forum, so please, forgive me this, i will stick strictly to the rules! I promise!!!! :wink:

I guess i can take the card to a friend´s house tomorrow and test it, just to see how much memory it has, so everybody is happy and the card can have a happy new owner

Maybe you want to lock the thread until i return with an exact amount of memory info about the card??

BTW: believe me, when i bought it, couple of years ago, it cost me so so so much....i dont remember exactly, but im sure it was equal or more than a A1200 (and in Argentina, just a couple of years ago, if you wanted to buy a plain A1200, you would spend 800/900 american dollars, believe me...)



12th January 2009, 06:26
From various sources of datasheet on internetz, the D424402 is a 1Mbit x 4 bits device, so you need 8 pieces to achieve 4Mb.

Is that the amount of ZIP chips you have? If so, you have a 4Mb board. Interesting...

Rkauer is running to break the porcelain piggy hidden from wife...

12th January 2009, 06:55
I had one of these boards before (actually I still have the manual somewhere I believe)

1 mb and 4 mb configurations had half the slots empty. if all are full it was 2 mb. it depends on what size of ZIP RAM used.

so you probably have a 4 mb board (speaking on rkauers comment, I didn't check the chip specs myself)

by the way, this board is little bit underdog because it doesn't have picasso96 or CGX drivers. But it has some unique characteristics that make it interesting. like limitied chipset emulation (you can view amiga screenmodes through retina, with a different setting, acting like a scandoubler, but usually system friendly applications only) and although it is 4 mb, it doesn't take 4mb zorro 2 space, screen RAM is not directly accessible. I think this is a reason why picasso96 and CGX drivers are still missing.

12th January 2009, 08:47
Those chips look very much like 1MBx4 chips from the designation (as noted above). You'd need 8 for 4MB...

I think that picture of the 4MB on the BBOAH is wrong - at least, it doesn't match the description in the text below the picture. 1MBx4 are common, as are 256x4... To achieve 4MB and fully populate the board, the chips would have to be 512x4.

I *think* it's a 4MB board, but the best check would be plugging it into an amiga :D

Hope this helps, and good luck with the sale

12th January 2009, 15:32
I confirm herein that 8 1x4M chips give 4MB (1x4M=4Mbitsx8 chips=32Mbits:8bits per byte=4MBytes)
Hence I have a question, if you find other 8 same chips for that retina, do you get 8MB or the ram controller is just stuck at 4MB max?

Kin Hell
12th January 2009, 16:20
Pretty sure it's only 4Mb max supported!

13th January 2009, 00:01
Hi guys!

Some fresh news!
I finally got in touch with the guy who sold me the card many moons ago. he is 100% sure that the card is 2 MB

You guys are guessing , based on the info i provided, that is a 4 MB card

either way, i really ned to get rid of this little gem

so, new fixed prize

120 american dollars, shipping included, and you get the card in your house, anywhere in the world, in about 7/10 days

Paypal prefered. Other methods, to be discussed

So...if you are interested...120 american dollars and the carr is yours, shipping & handling included!!!

Please dont force me to put it on ebay!!!



Kin Hell
13th January 2009, 00:56
Like I said..I had a 4Mb one Brand New & it was fully populated....4Mb!
Yours had to be 2Mb or 1Mb depending on chips used.

....& take heed of the confusion here: - Those ZIP chap's are total f'kers to trace! - They were in their hey day & are harder to trace now! :wink:

Good luck with your Sale, Tread will remain open!


13th January 2009, 02:21
Like I said..I had a 4Mb one Brand New & it was fully populated....4Mb!
Yours had to be 2Mb or 1Mb depending on chips used.

I'm sorry but your mind is playing tricks on you mate. A fully populated card is 2 mb. A 4mb card must have half the sockets empty. As stated in the Amiga hardware database (http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/retina) and Retina manual (http://img258.imageshack.us/my.php?image=retinaramqw2.png). (yup I found it :lol: if I have time I'll give it a full scan). Since gavilans board have 4400 chips it must have 4mb full. Maybe it got upgraded without the knowledge of the previous owner, or he was just mistaken.

Kin Hell
13th January 2009, 07:02
I often wonder if there is someone/thing around me doing those bloody Jedi Mind tricks......

* 1 MB setup: every second socket (1, 3, 5, 7...) is populated with a 256k×4 chip (414256)
* 2 MB setup: every socket is populated by a 256k×4 chip (414256)
* 4 MB setup: every second socket (1, 3, 5, 7...) is populated with a 1M×4 chip (414400)

Much appreciated & thanks for putting me straight again coze. :wink:

/....Kin goes for a mind rinse.....

16th January 2009, 16:12
Hi guys, the card has gone to ebay
Im not sure if you have to lock the thread now. Just let you know