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7th January 2009, 08:07
I am dismantling my Micronik Tower A2000, that you can see here, thanx to Zaxxon, from the recent Brusaporto/Italy retrocomputing expo.

http://www.zaxxon.retrocomp.com/foto/20 ... CT0131.jpg

http://www.zaxxon.retrocomp.com/foto/20 ... CT0132.jpg

http://www.zaxxon.retrocomp.com/foto/20 ... CT0133.jpg

http://www.zaxxon.retrocomp.com/foto/20 ... CT0134.jpg

http://www.zaxxon.retrocomp.com/foto/20 ... CT0135.jpg

http://www.zaxxon.retrocomp.com/foto/20 ... CT0136.jpg

other photos are here, in my site
even if they are older and differ a bit from the above, which are the latest.
I am also giving away various Amiga items.
The following are all-working items:

Individual Computers X-Surf, network card, perfect, with drivers, 80 eur

A2000 original working italian keyboard, 15 eur

A2000 original working mouse, 10 eur

working A500 rev5 mobo, OCS, kickstart 1.3, kickstart 3.1 ready, 15 eur

working A500/600/1200 beige PSU P/N 312503-03, 15 eur

working Cabletronic CN315 power PSU for A500/600/1200, 25 eur

working Datel Amiga Action Replay, no shell, just the board, 10 eur

working MicroDeal Pro Midi Interface, boxed, no software, 10 eur

working Rex Datentechnik Parallel Stereo Sampler, no software, 10 eur

working ECR Elettronica MK-II external video genlock, video connector pass-thru, powered by Amiga, 25 eur

the following are not working/not tested/bad condition items:

not working A2000 rev4.5 mobo, clean (one day working, day after not, maybe just chip sockets to be checked), 10 eur

not working Commodore A501 512MB/clock expansion board
not working A501 clone expansion board
not working Omega Datentechnik 2MB A500 expansion board (maybe working but missing Gary adapter), bundle 10 eur

A2000 italian keyboard (no cable, numeric pad number 4 key missing, probably working but not tested, shell in good condition, given as not working), 5 eur

I maybe have other Amiga stuff, I will check in time and let the forum know.
I will send photos to anyone interested.
Shipping cost from Italy must be added. I will check for any specific request.
For boards that can fit into envelopes, the registered shipping price will generally be less then 10 eur, depending on weight.
Shipping abroad Italy the whole tower, either empty or full, will cost a lot, minimum 70eur.
Payment from outside Italy must be made via PayPal or direct bank to bank transfer.
Direct bank transfer is preferred.
Payment from Italy can be done with PostePay recharge, bank to bank transfer or PayPal (PayPal payments add 3.4% + 0.35eur per transaction).
Write me at: removed by TC
Regards to all.

7th January 2009, 08:52
Multivision 2000, please :D

As per rules of amibay, am stating here that I want it. As per your post, I'll email you too.

7th January 2009, 10:17

Welcome to Amibay
I have edited your post to remove your email address as it is generally not a good idea to leave that visible on a public forum.

Can you please update your profile to include your location, this will make life easier for postage & shipping costs.

Best Regards
TC 8)

7th January 2009, 18:33

sorry to see you sell such a work of care and beauty, I do hope she finds a good home, so best wishes on your sale.

I have noticed something you have listed as broken / non-working

not working Micronik RA-501, A500/2000 1MB chip ram expansion board (increases chip ram to 2MB), needs 2MB 8375 Agnus, maybe working but not able to test it, no other infos available, 5 eur

I would be interested in this to see if I can fix it and then pass it on to the comunity, how much would this be including shipping to the UK?

7th January 2009, 20:07
Interested in the Oktagon (30 Euros?). :)

Can you sort the S&H costs to Brazil?

7th January 2009, 22:12
well, apparently the Multivision 2000 is already sold.

Ho hum.

9th January 2009, 00:35
And also de 2008.

Hmm... not yet, but I'll sort the $$ until next week, if you can wait. :wink:

9th January 2009, 07:13
Yes, but the multivision 2000 was not sold to me is the point I was making :( . Ho hum

9th January 2009, 14:57
pm sent for A2000

9th January 2009, 14:57
pm sent

10th January 2009, 10:54
this is to inform you that GVP Spectrum 28/24, MultiVision 2000, Yamaha IDE2SCSI and Micronik RA-501 have been sold

10th January 2009, 16:31
Hello all

I am discussing with satiropan about these items imma interesting in fixing and putting into the recycle bin

not working Commodore A501 512MB/clock expansion board, 5 eur
not working A501 clone expansion board, 5 eur
not working Omega Datentechnik 2MB A500 expansion board (maybe working but missing Gary adapter), 5 eur