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7th January 2009, 11:09
I've realised I don't need 2 amiga 1000s... So one is going. mostly to keep the wife happy through a token gesture of "getting rid of junk".

The American Amiga 1000 that I have is taking one for the team :D

Basic Amiga 1000, US spec, with 512KB of memory (256kb on board, 256kb on the front (hidden) expansion. I've been using it in the UK with a 220->110v step down transformer from Maplins and a 1942 monitor.

Keyboard included, along with copy of kickstart 1.2 and 1.3 disks.

Fully working order.


7th January 2009, 23:24
Picture attached.

8th January 2009, 09:57
Actually, looking at this, xxxx is too much.

xxx is more realistic for this piece of computing history :D

9th January 2009, 12:04
Hi, how much is the shipping costs to Italy? Maybe I'm interested :wink:

9th January 2009, 12:54
You'd be looking at around 60 for a tracked service (essential if you want to pay via paypal) or around 45 untracked (would want cleared funds in that case)

Kin Hell
9th January 2009, 14:31
Jeepers! :shock: - That's bloody expensive. If this is a go for ArcadeHeart, I might be able to help you both save on postage.

See your PM chiark. :wink:

9th January 2009, 15:17
Thanks Kin :)

I'm estimating that it's a 10kg packaged based on a raw weight of 14lbs for the 1000 alone according to the web... As soon as you get over 2KG, it gets quite a bit more expensive!

ArcadeHeart, can you PM me your full address as we may be able to get the price down dependent upon where you are?

Kin Hell
9th January 2009, 16:06
Can't have an estimate chiark! You'll need to box it completely & get it weighed Xactly. In Kg with decimal point fraction or Kg & Grammes. Estimations are as bad as assumptions in these instances.
Sorry! :|

11th January 2009, 16:14
Thank you both chiark and Kin Hell, i'm sorry but the postage fees are too expensive to me :(

Kin Hell
12th January 2009, 00:45
@ ArcadeHeart

....But until I know all the Weights & pick up/Delivery details, I can't quote a price.....

....& it should be a BIG difference in 60.00 for Royal Mai, Parcle Force or any other organisation....

...Honestly! :wink: - It's a "One Off"


12th January 2009, 09:40
I've just had a PM (Thanks CircuitTrader) telling me that Parcel2Go can ship a 10KG parcel to Italy, tracked, for 19.99 + VAT (so 23 quid all in)

Is that any use?

17th March 2009, 10:59
Sold to SJBUK (I responded to a wanted advert of his)

Paid for, and now shipped via Parcel2Go :)

17th March 2009, 14:49
Nice you sorted it out, mate.

Thread closed.