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21st February 2011, 18:23
Soundblaster 1.5 (CT1320C) (http://rpmedia.ask.com/ts?u=/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/a6/Sound_Blaster_8bit.JPG/200px-Sound_Blaster_8bit.JPG)
AdLib functionality has been tested and is working, so I assume the whole card is. Sticker on the DSP chip is missing. Can be made GameBlaster compatible by popping in 2 SAA1099 chips.

Primax Altrasound/Altrasys (http://www.gravisultrasound.org/catalog/img/gus-clone-primax-m16bf-big.jpg)
Expanded to 1MB and tested extensively. Appears to be 100% compatible to the Gravis Ultrasound Classic. This card was later officially sold by Gravis rebadged as the "Ultrasound CD3".

STB/Compaq Ultra-Sound 32 (http://acoustiq.ro/vintage/Parts/Card/Sound/STB%20Gravis%20UltraSound%2032-Pro%20-%20OEM%20Compaq%20-%2016bit%20ISA.jpg)
Compatible to the Gravis Ultrasound PnP Pro, maximum RAM limited to 4MB (due to only having 1 SIMM slot)

Cards are up for trade against any other interesting PC sound card (I've got a full list of items I'd be interested in, available via PM). No sale, as I already have 5-10 people in line for each card in case there are no interesting trades available.

19th April 2011, 13:50
Where is the list of cards that you would be interested in trading? I am having trouble finding it. I am interested in the Primax Altrasound, in particular. I have a GUS Max, Awe64 Gold, Avm Apex, and a few others.

23rd June 2015, 00:01
Are you interested in a Creative CT1350B?

23rd June 2015, 06:00
PM sent asking for the list of item