View Full Version : Closed MC68882FN33A co-processor for falcon, and others

21st February 2011, 18:53

(Mods please note this is a dupe posting, hope Ok, I posted it in the amIga section first, before I remembered I actually bought it for a falcon or ST - yet it also works on amiga..- delete the original if better. thanks!)

passing on an unused and unopened math co processor MC68882FN33A (below copied from the site I bought it from :


This is a PLCC chip

(plastic leaded chip carrier)

If you want a PGA style (Pin Grid Array), the suffix is RC rather than FN)

Mathco Processor Used in Amiga, Atari ST, Atari Falcon030 etc

anything with a motorola 68020 or 68030 series processor

and has a provision for the corresponding math chip

This is SURFACE MOUNT PLCC (pins on the side, rather than bottom)

10 plus 1 postage (11 total inc) to UK only paypal gift please.