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8th January 2009, 14:01
For sale: Apollo 1260.. used to be an Apollo 1240 and was upgraded to an 060.

I will provide RAM with it, but I don't want to have to set up an A1200 machine to test it with so I won't be able to say what size RAM it has.

Was working fine when pulled from a system 3 months ago and has spent the time in a box, so it's time to sell..

Asking 150 inc UK shipping.

Kin Hell
8th January 2009, 14:37
Ello m8y! :D

Don't suppose you have a Pic or two?

8th January 2009, 15:28
hey guys, if kin decides against it can i be second in line, as long as i can get the wife to agree to the sale.


8th January 2009, 15:36
I'll get some pics when I get home... am at work at the moment :)

Another note: I don't think I have any install disks, so u'll have to download them if u need them (I don't think I did running OS 3.1 anyway)

8th January 2009, 15:38
I think Kin mentioned about some photos, not that he is interested in. :)

Kin Hell
8th January 2009, 16:48
@ Phantom

This has happened before.

@ all

I am interested, but I want to see it before I make a decision! :wink:

I would like to think anyone would want to see the item they are considering to buy! :?

8th January 2009, 16:56
@ Kin Hell

Geez mate... :mrgreen:

8th January 2009, 16:57
OK.. here's the pictures :)

Also: It's got a 66MHz crystal, forgot to check before... ^_^;;;
More info: it has 2x 32mb sticks of ram (Yay for stickers on ram)

Kin Hell
8th January 2009, 17:07
Hmmm. I need to get back to you on this BingoX. Promise to asap.

Do you know any of the history on this card? - The extra Simm Socket on the back of the card is causing me some concern!?
- With both Simm sockets used, Tower only me-thinks!? :?

8th January 2009, 17:19
It does seem to be tower only... never gave it much thought...

The Cooler on it as well as the RAM in the slot makes it too big to fit in an A1200 case (I just tried to put it in a broken A1200 in original case that I've got here)

If you're interested in towerising your 1200, I will have a mediator up for sale soon :) When I get around to sorting out the other desk anyway :)

Here's a side on pic for any other interested parties:

8th January 2009, 17:44
I have my doubts that it'll fit in an A1200 desktop case...

I think even with the fan and RAM out, the ram slot will still be in the way and hit the bottom of the keyboard....

Maybe some kind electronics wizard will remove the extra socket? I think whoever got the 060 added probably got the socket added as well...

Don't really know much of the history to be honest... Just know that it works.

8th January 2009, 17:48
If Kin does pull out i'm definately still interested and can pay with paypal if thats ok.


8th January 2009, 17:51
If Kin does pull out i'm definately still interested and can pay with paypal if thats ok.


OK, that's cool mate :)

If not, I'll let you know if I have any other A1200 accelerators up for sale :) (Don't think I've got any more, but I'm nowhere near done with my sort-out)

Kin Hell
8th January 2009, 17:57
PM sent! :D

8th January 2009, 18:09
Replied :D

Kin Hell
8th January 2009, 19:05
Replied too! :D

8th January 2009, 19:19
My reply has been sent now, but I probably won't be back on here until 2morrow now

Kin Hell
9th January 2009, 23:14
Just an update, BingoX will be updating things tommorow hopefully. Sorry for any anxious delays here, but all bar the shouting & a couple more questions, we should have a closing result. :D

13th January 2009, 08:42
Replied. Soon to be reaching a deal and should all be sorted soon :D

Kin Hell
13th January 2009, 22:26
We are all done & dusted here! I will be visiting BingoX this Sunday to pick up! :D

13th January 2009, 23:35
awesome news guys,

lets us know how it goes in the thread and feedback :)

18th January 2009, 13:04
Kin has just left after picking up the Apollo + a couple of other things :)

Deal done :D

Kin Hell
18th January 2009, 14:17
Yeah, Spot on. Was a pleasure to meet you BingoX. :D

All the best m8y,


24th January 2009, 11:45
Locked as trade is done and everyone involved is happy