View Full Version : Closed PAL Atari 520 STe with 4 megs ram (USA)

24th February 2011, 13:48

I have up for sale a nice condition PAL Atari 520 STe machine. It has been upgraded to 4 megabytes of ram. The original floppy drive died, so I replaced it with a modded black Sony MPF920 drive. Works great. Since this was a PAL machine with a UK power supply, which wouldn't do me any good in the US, I replaced the stock psu with a much higher quality PicoPSU. External power brick included as well.

Since this is a PAL machine, I would recommend using it with a RGB monitor. SC1224 or similar.

Will also include the mouse, original 520STe box with styrofoam inserts, some manuals and misc disks.

Looking for $135 plus shipping in the USA.

25th February 2011, 23:49
Mods: Can you lock this thread up; I sold it offsite.