View Full Version : Closed A4000T Ports Module

25th February 2011, 18:12
Title says it all. I want just the ports module, if you don't know what a ports module is, look here:


Prefer an uncut one like the one in the picture above, but if you have one that has the SCSI terminator removed, I will consider that also (as long as all the ports work).

Don't need cables.

23rd March 2011, 20:02
Bump, still looking for a ports module for A4000T.

Kin Hell
24th March 2011, 17:42
Have you tried contacting SoftHut in the US?


Even if they have nothing on their Web front, it would still be worthwhile contacting them. ;)


24th March 2011, 22:48
That's an idea. Anyone bought from them before, are they reliable?

24th March 2011, 23:15
Yes, Software Hut is very reliable. The only thing is they don't upgrade thier site very often...:roll:

Two updates on the last ten years or so...

25th March 2011, 18:34
Thanks dude, they replied to me and said they have them in stock. A bit more than I want to pay but lets see if anyone else wants to sell.

Kin Hell
26th March 2011, 08:32
@ X-Ray

Thanks for not spamming the price but at least you now know you can get one, if all else fails. :thumbsup:

All the Best.