View Full Version : Closed M-Tec 68020i accelerator for Amiga 500(+)

1st March 2011, 14:01
For sale: M-Tec 68020i turbocard for the A500 or A500+.
MC68882/20Mhz FPU, 68020 CPU + 68000 CPU (for fallback),
4MB Fast RAM and tools disk included. Al pins on the underside are straight.
The card works great! :)

Technical specs from Amiga Hardware Database:

68020 or 68EC020 @ 14.28 MHz, PGA (synchronous with the Amiga)
optional PLCC or PGA FPU @ 14.28 MHz (synchronous) or more with oscillator (asynchronous). MC68882/20Mhz FPU included!

one 72 pin SIMM socket accepts 1 or 4 MB RAM. 4MB Fast RAM included!
maprom can be disabled by jumper

connects to the 68000's socket
the 68000 is replaced onto the board
not compatible with the GVP Impact Series hard disk controlle
I'm asking 100 Euro + shipping. Only banktransfer/IBAN/BIC, please. :)

2nd March 2011, 08:49
BIG price drop! It's now 100 euro's. Grab this nice piece of Amiga hardware while you can! :)

2nd March 2011, 11:24
Declaring interest in this - PM forthcoming..

2nd March 2011, 15:20

You've got P.M. :)

2nd March 2011, 17:40

Are you still interested?

3rd March 2011, 02:00
As much as I want it, I'm withdrawing mainly due to the cost of doing an international bank transfer from my bank.

I'm getting increasingly frustrated with living in Australia right now - freight costs are far too high for small items, completely obscene for large ones, plus ridiculous fees for transferring funds from our banks to yours, even though it's all computerised now and requires no human interaction :( :( :(

Time to start hunting for a job in Europe somewhere, so I can enjoy my hobby at a reasonable price!!!! </RANT>

Good luck with the sale, that's a great bit of hardware...

3rd March 2011, 02:05
Draxx, you're not alone, IBAN/BIC only pretty much means for sale only in Europe. International/Intercontinental bank transfer fees are ridiculous ... :(

3rd March 2011, 06:09
Pitty that M-Tec 68020i doesn't work well with CFIDE68k or I would have grab it faster than a speeding bullet.

Good luck with the sale though mate.

3rd March 2011, 09:23
OK, I understand. Intercontinental banktransfer fees are indeed ridiculous. :nuts:
But the same counts for paypal fees.
Banktransfers within the E.U. are free of fees, though.

Are you sure that the M-Tec 68020i doesn't work with the CFIDE68k?
Has anybody tried it?

If there's no further interest in the M_Tec, then I put it up for sale on the other "bay".

3rd March 2011, 12:16
Yes AFAIK (and after searching some forums) people tried it in A1000 and wasn't working with CFIDE68k.

3rd March 2011, 20:43
I think that only the version without any memory is compatible
with CF2IDE.

4th March 2011, 08:20
An accelerator for the A500 without any memory is useless mate...

4th March 2011, 08:27
The only way to use this with IDE is the AT500 MegaBody.

But it's pitty indeed that you can't use this with IDE68K

4th March 2011, 15:31
I have this M-Tec AT500 MegaBody also. I'm willing to part with it,
but i want to sell it only together with the accelerator.
The 2 cards are working perfect together! :) The AT500 MegaBody is
a very fast IDE controller; Sysinfo reports 2,3MB p/s! Pics to follow.

I have a question for the Moderators:
Do I have to start a new thread regarding this AT500 Megabody?
I want to sell both cards as a set.

4th March 2011, 15:36
I would suggest that you start a new thread for the two items - stating that they are being sold as "A SET"

Dave G :cool: