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3rd March 2011, 10:14

As title said I'm looking for UW SCSI HDD's from 9GB to 36GB (maybe more?). To use on my A4KD-CSPPC's projects.

Units must be tested & 100& working.

Thanks in advance & Best wishes

Kin Hell
3rd March 2011, 19:20
How many are you looking for?

I have a box full here, certainly 6+ or so units up to 18GB IBM affairs. The IBM's are 68Pin (some might be 10K rpm) & the others are SCA 80 pin jobbys....

These were used on my CSPPC VT4000 A4KT rig & have been boxed since the system was dismantled for selling. They were used for Flyer card video storage & were re-partitioned & checked out on my last A4KD CSMKIII G-REX4000 rig before the CSMKIII finally rolled over & died.

The weight for shipping costs could be a nightmare though. :|


3rd March 2011, 19:25
If you were in the US I have a full box of 9-36.7GB ones you could go through and take your pick. These things weigh it seems like 5 pounds a piece and shipping would be devastating. I also don't remember which ones work and which ones don't because my wife rearranged my stacking on them into operational and non-operational piles while she was moving items about for our halloween party last year. :mad:

3rd March 2011, 21:19

Hi m8,

I'm looking for four units, 68 pins.

Do you think this will be very expensive? :(


Thanks my friend. I really appreciate. :thumbsup:

But shipping costs from USA to Spain...... :whistle:

11th September 2011, 09:30
Hi to all :)

Now using IDE drives with Acard adapters. Everything working like a charm.

So, UW-SCSI drives not needed anymore.

Thanks to all

I will close this Thread now