View Full Version : Closed Amiga 1200 NEW OLD STOCK

5th March 2011, 20:51

i am searching a A1200 New Old Stock


5th March 2011, 21:32
Got one for sale with an ACA1230.. you could be second in line if the person from the US is not interested. Could sell it without ACA1230 as I have a potential buyer for that. Just let me know if you are interested.

7th March 2011, 00:40
Our non-profit has an Amiga A1200 for sale. This computer is in mint condition, was recently tested and is running as it should. It has a 68020 CPU, AA NTSC Alice and AA Lisa custom chips, two hard drive partitions, and a power supply. Software currently on the computer includes: Final Copy, Take Two, Golfman, Stickman, and Graffito. The computer does not include the monitor or mouse that were used to test it. Asking $200 US + shipping.

7th March 2011, 11:17
Last year AmigaKit had brand new A1200 for sale (Magic version). You can send email to them, probably still have couple.