View Full Version : Closed SOLD: Elbox 4xEIDE'99 Buffered Interface

14th January 2009, 02:25
Hi Guys, this adaptor came with an A1200 tower i bought from r0jaws last year. It is now surplus to requirements as i've reconfigured the tower and used a different interface.
The board did fail me once when a small resistor broke off but its now in great condition and fully working after it was excellently repaired by our very own zetr0.
I hope he won't mind me posting the pictures of his handy work.

Before the repair:


After the repair






anyway, i'm looking 15 plus p&p but am open to negotiation so try me with an offer (hope i'm not breaking the rules here).


Kin Hell
14th January 2009, 02:44
I'm interested! :D

14th January 2009, 02:48
Offer accepted from Kin Hell.
Very quick sale.

Thanks mate

Kin Hell
14th January 2009, 02:54
PM sent & Paid for. Cheers m8! :D

Kin Hell
16th January 2009, 19:07
It's here, all safe & sound. Many thanks SS. :D