View Full Version : Closed Cartridges for 3 systems

10th March 2011, 10:34
Here are some cartridges for sale. Systems are Colecovision, MSX, and Gameboy Color. Here is a list of what I have for sale.

Colecovision* ($8.00)
1. Donkey Kong
2. Q*Bert
3. Burger Time

MSX ($25.00)
1. Pachinko U.F.O.
2. Exciting Jockey
3. Godzilla vs. 3 Great Monsters

Gameboy Color ($10.00)
1. Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening**

Shipping is from Asia. I haven't checked shipping costs yet, but I will, once someone becomes interested. That's all.

*-Two of the games' flaps are damaged, although I'm not sure which one. I'll check this Saturday.

**-With translucent case.

P.S.: Sorry if I still have no images. But maybe in the following days, I'll have some.