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14th January 2009, 22:38
I have a copy of Moonstone for sale. I see some people want silly stupid money for this. I don't want to give it away, but I'm not too greedy!

Anyone care to PM me and make an offer?

My A500+ has died due to a battery leak, and need to sell this old gem to finance a new hardware purchase :-(


EDIT - I've been asked to edit my post and specify an asking price. Sorry, hope this doesn't offend - not sure what to ask. What about 60?

14th January 2009, 22:49

Welcome to Amibay,

Could you please update your profile to include your location to allow prospective buyers to get an idea of postage costs.

Now more importantly, At Amibay we pride ourselves on not being an auction site and following our site rules and policy I must ask you to provide an asking price for the above software that you would like to sell. Please edit your post accordingly at the earliest opportunity.
If you are unclear please take some time out have a coffee & a quick read through our rules to familiarise yourself with Amibay.

If you need any further help please don't hesitate to contact me or any of the staff here, who would be only to glad to help.

Regarding your leaky A500+ If you would like to take some piccies of the affected area & post in the appropriate forum, My colleagues & I indeed the whole Amibay community maybe able to offer some helpfull advice to get it working for you.
No one likes to see Amiga hardware in distress. :wink:
Enjoy & Best Regards
TC :wink:

14th January 2009, 22:53
Thanks for the tip.... yes, I'm new to the site. Appreciate the pointers.

Have updated my profile to show location, and will have a serious think on the price. It's my first sale (which I'm sure I will regret), so have no idea of the prices/market! I'm only selling the title to finance a replacement miggy!

Will do my research, and update the post.

Cheers all,

Kin Hell
15th January 2009, 16:40
<Split & merged to this (http://www.amibay.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=1595&p=12598#p12598) thread> :wink:


15th January 2009, 21:07
Can someone explain this split/merge business?

All I want to do is sell my copy of Moonstone..... argh! :-)

Need .... a..... new... amiga.....


15th January 2009, 21:31
Is it original and boxed? Any photos? Maybe interested if so.

15th January 2009, 22:04
PM sent, ta.

Kin Hell
16th January 2009, 08:27
Can someone explain this split/merge business?

All I want to do is sell my copy of Moonstone..... argh! :-)

Need .... a..... new... amiga.....


Yeah. You were off Topic talking about another Thread in here. So I moved the posts you were talking about to the actual thread you were talking about! Cross talking or linking 2 threads can cause confusion

This is called Splitting & Merging - Make sense now? :wink:


16th January 2009, 10:45
Do you have the poster map that comes with the game? If so, I might be interested. :wink:

16th January 2009, 14:12
Thanks for letting me sleep on it, but have decided against it. Sorry.
BlueAchenar is next in line I believe.

18th January 2009, 00:06
I am locking this thread pending an investigation into possible price driving, which is against our site rules.

It seems that the same item is being offered on the other "Bay" as an auction and has 5 days to go with a current price of 37 as of 11pm tonight. The item is located in the same place as portal.

I am at a loss as to why an item currently only at 37 elsewhere should be on here with a higher asking price of 60; under the site rules, simultaneous offers on both sites are only acceptable if the other "Bay" price is a Buy-It-Now and the prices correspond on both sites, clearly they don't match.

@ portal

You need to speak to either Kin Hell or myself regarding this matter with some urgency, via PM.