View Full Version : Closed A500+ FOR SALE for parts/spares (leaky battery damage)

14th January 2009, 22:41

A once sweet A500+. Mobo now ruined due to battery leakage. Useful to anyone for parts/spares? No idea what it's worth. Probably worth more if sold bit by bit.

EDIT - Would 20 plus P+P be fair? Shes certainly not as discoloured as some I've seen!

14th January 2009, 22:54

Thanks for updating your profile, much appreciated.

If you can follow my guidlines regarding setting an asking price as I replied to your post in the software section that would be great.

TC 8)

14th January 2009, 22:59
Oooh.... Just spotted the offer of help with the miggy! Cheers.

The leakage is pretty bad. Followed some instructions on the 'net to clean her up, but there's just too much damage to the tracks. Had a good poke around with a multimeter (I'm pretty techie), and found plenty of bad tracks.

I can follow a few of them, but think there's just a few too many for me to attempt my own repair. Maybe someone else is more skilled or has more time/patience.

Think it's best I consign her to a skip, or find someone how needs parts/spares - and that I move on to a new Amiga. Seriously considering an A1200, and getting into the customisation scene - playing with the h/w, upgrades and getting a HDD etc. However, am concerned over reliability of the old A500 game titles. Might just stick with a cheap 1Mb A500/600 for simplicity!


14th January 2009, 23:10

If that A500 is heading for "File 13", I would like it to have a go at repairing it. Have a think about it for a day or two and if you decide to skip it, let me know the postage costs to Manchester and I'll take it. Alternatively, there are guys who can work wonders on here with potential basket cases, me included; I didn't get the name Merlin for nothing, you know. My soldering iron is my magic wand....

On AmiBay, we do this in the Recycle Bin, which you probably can't see yet; If you would like access, let me know and I will upgrade you to yummy AmiBayer goodness, then you will be able to see what's been on offer for just the cost of postage.


14th January 2009, 23:13
Merlin, yes please.

Never know, might need the odd basket-case or bit of spares for the new one!

Will shout in your direction if she's heading to the tip.....

Kin Hell
15th January 2009, 16:38
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15th January 2009, 17:45
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16th January 2009, 12:04
Right experts! So that you can see if this beast is scrap, or possibly fixable - here are 2 links to photos.


Opinions please!

16th January 2009, 12:12

hmmm interesting, from the top theres 11 tracks that need to be rebuilt and 1 74LS244N IC (pennies i have many spare) the traces are the hardest but a good bit of 30AWG wire and a soldering iron would do, I would use 800/1000 grit to get rid of the damaged trace areas as some are to bad to even run a re-flow.

now thats just the TOP of the board whats the underneath look like?

16th January 2009, 12:21
That's just too much work for me. Was hoping she had some residual value, and I could sell onto someone more capable than me.

On the outside she's beautiful. Shown against a yellowed mouse to show the great condition.



16th January 2009, 13:41
I concur with my learned colleague's diagnosis of this. There is a fair bit of work to do on that board, however, I reckon it is repairable.

17th January 2009, 23:09
will try to remember to take some snaps of the bottom of the board tomorrow (Sunday).

I'm glad Amiga's are so straightforward to strip-down!

17th January 2009, 23:26
Nothing on TV tonight, so decided to strip her down one last time. Took a couple of mins tops - why can't modern stuff be this easy!?


The underside of the board looks 100% ok - like new in fact. So, it's probably just those areas you've already identified as bad. Is there any hope for her? Also spotted that the Angus chip has a few bluey/green discoloured pins - but circuit nearby looks good.


Should this one end up being scrapped, you've still got first dibs!

17th January 2009, 23:32
@ portal

Forgive me asking, but I am sure that I have seen your earlier photo of your A500+ next to some disks and a yellowed mouse advertised on the other "Bay" (*cough*) this evening.

Is someone using your photo without your permission, or is it the same machine?

Item no. 280303391646, apparently located in Ipswich.........??

It just seems a bit odd under the circumstances.

18th January 2009, 09:45
Surely it's not unfair of me to try to sell the machine to someone who wants to fix her up?

If nobody does, THEN I'll happily give her away here to someone with the appropriate skills.

18th January 2009, 11:19
I didn't say it was unfair, I said it was odd.... please don't mis-quote me. I was clarifying if someone was possibly using the photo without your permission, if you re-read the post.

It would have been a courtesy to the members on here, to state that the A500 was also up for auction as well elsewhere. Incidentally, now that it is offered elsewhere, it is your responsibility to keep this thread updated as to what happens in the auction.


18th January 2009, 11:31

OK, my bad on both counts.... Will try to up the courtesy levels from now on.

@ all
Is it me, or have prices of Amiga shot up in recent years? A remember a few years back you could barely give them away! It's proving tough to find a replacement machine at a sensible price. Also supplies of A500+ mobos are dried up at the places I've checked.

18th January 2009, 11:42
Well, if you are after one at a reasonable price, this is the place to look. This is a state-your-price-and -that's-it site, we don't want anything to do with auctions as that is what drives prices up. The retro community is sick of this and that is why we set this site up.

If there are no takers on the auction, I am sure that either Zetr0 or myself could repair the board and get it back into the land of the living.

As a suggestion, take 5 minutes out with a brew and read through the Rules and Info section, it won't take you long and you will learn a lot about how the site works. It is a highly moderated site as you have found out and we do carry out regular checks on other sites for trader activity; we have a duty to protect our members and we do take it seriously.