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17th January 2009, 00:13
Just going through my collection and found these that I thought someone might like...

- Space Ace 1
- Space Ace 2
- Shadow of The Beast
- Syndicate
- Hired Guns
- Surpremacy
- Deliverance
- Eye of The Beholder
- Tusker
- Zak McKracken

$10 each game. They are disks only and I can test them before confirming a sale. PayPal or bank transfer. Shipping might be a killer to some places though. I'm in Australia.

17th January 2009, 13:30
I have to say something about here, and please no offence on this one.

If they are disks only, then there might be problem. I'm 100% sure that Hired Guns needs the codes, because there is a protection for this game at the start, for example. Or else you have these codes together with the disks.


Kin Hell
17th January 2009, 16:11
@ Phantom

It's a good point & a fair point tbh.

@ Astral

Do you have the required codes for those games needing them & I can only guess these are all original Disks?


17th January 2009, 16:19
I am with Kin Hell on this matter. Whilst none of the site rules have been breached as he has declared the games to be incomplete, they may be unplayable due to lack of codes etc.

There are ways around this (i.e. with certain documents discs, which I am not about to mention here as they would be classed as warez), however, Astral should clarify this point.

17th January 2009, 22:06
I don't agree with possible critics. If there is stated they are original discs only, everything is fine. I, for example, recently bought Seek and Destroy from Phanthom and it is box and manual only, so I am now searching for remaining contents, which are discs. So it is absolutely all right to offer only the discs, I personally would buy some if there would be titles that are missing in my personal boxes.

If they are not originals, then it is a problem.

Kin Hell
17th January 2009, 22:33
@ Predseda

Thats your choice to disagree. We are not moderating here to debate on the pure fact of right or wrong, but to discuss the possible scenarios resulting from this sale.
If software requires documentation in order for said software to function, we don't want to see any of our members end up with a useless product. This is not the other Bay or such-like & we do not allow other Bay or such-like polices to happen here! - This is AmiBay.
Likewise, we are not saying Astral can't sell on here. Original Disks are fine without boxes, but if a game requires key codes or such to run, then the buyer is going to be pretty ticked off if he is not aware when trying his purchase.

If you read our current rules here, (http://www.amibay.com/viewtopic.php?t=29) you will find this paragraph.

AmiBay advert listings : What You Must Make Sure Of
Illegal Software is not allowed
All software offered on the site should be original and include any packaging, manuals, serial numbers, code wheels, etc., if required by the software unless the software is described as incomplete. Pirated copies are not allowed; offenders will receive a warning or ban if illegal software is offered for sale. Public Domain, Shareware and Freeware are allowed, however 'Abandonware' is only allowed provided you can supply written proof of its dissemination from the original author.

Astral has not really broken any rule directly as he probably isn't aware of some games requiring codes. Either way on this, Astral has not said they are incomplete & without the required codes if needed, they are incomplete & can not be Advertised on AmiBay.

It's always best to understand the playing field before kicking off! :wink:


17th January 2009, 22:55
Exactly, Kin.

@ Predseda

Surely some clarification on the part of Astral as to what exactly is on offer here can't hurt, can it?

It's like me describing a car as being in mint condition, and once you've bought it, you discover the engine is missing, because I didn't specifically tell you that....

17th January 2009, 23:47
The games on offer are the disks only. They are original disks and do not include any manuals, packaging and so on. I can appreciate that some games may be "unplayable" due to copy protection manuals being missing and so on - if indeed some of the games need that. Games like Shadow of The Beast for example I am sure we be fully playable without any documentation. Having said that, if someone is interested in a game, I will test the game and determine how playable/unplayable it may be and post here as to exactly what is/isn't needed. Sound fair?

17th January 2009, 23:51
That's fine, Astral; I think that's cleared things up for everybody.


18th June 2013, 13:30
These are no longer available. Can a mod please close?