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17th January 2009, 03:30
I purchase two of the GB1000 PCB's when they were offered in a group buy through amiga.org. It is just the PCB, unsoldered or tinkered with :D I don't need two, so I will sell one. I had no luck selling it through amiga.org. I don't wish to make any money off it, but I don't wish to lose any either. The two boards and shipping cost me exactly $178aus. So, I will sell this one for $89aus. Shipping costs depend on where you are.

I hope somebody is keen to give this a go...

Kin Hell
17th January 2009, 15:07
Not interested in this personally, but as it's such a Classic Amiga Conversion, do you have any Pics you can attatch. Surely the Mobo deserves it if not just our Hardware Pr0n King Zeets!? :D :mrgreen:

17th January 2009, 15:09
You think Zetr0 won't have one of these in the flesh? Of course he has ;)

Kin Hell
17th January 2009, 15:12
Never gave it a thought tbh, but the Pics still make him squeal.... :mrgreen:

17th January 2009, 23:15
Here are some pics. I am sure someone would love to give it a go building one of these :D

Kin Hell
17th January 2009, 23:16
Luverly! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

29th January 2009, 14:23
I'm curious... has anyone or any companies bothered to put together a kit package of the components for this board or are we supposed to track down all necessary parts separately by looking at the schematic and reusing some of our old chips? I'd surely purchase this board if some component kit existed... otherwise, might NEVER get finished :-(

29th January 2009, 16:49
Im really tempted to buy it :)
few days ago ive finished my own minimig and this si really challenge :)
Please can you calculate shipping to Czech Republic for me?

EDIT: and i already have A1000 case with nonworking board in the attic. maybe its a fate :D

30th January 2009, 06:55
Hi, if Chain changes his mind, I wouldn't mind givin it a go...

Finding all the bits and bobs will be half the fun! :wink:

30th January 2009, 13:42
mine mine mine :twisted:

edit: money req. has been paid

30th January 2009, 22:32
Sold to Chain!

I have the other one here still which I have decided to let go as well. Marcb...are you still interested?...

Kin Hell
30th January 2009, 22:43
@ Astral

Just changed your Thread title to reflect your change in direction & keep things sweet.

All the Best! :D


31st January 2009, 07:36
:D Still interested!

PM me for payment details, my postcode Is 2210...

31st January 2009, 09:07
PM sent Marcb...

31st January 2009, 21:50
Payment sent,

Cheers Astral!

3rd February 2009, 06:43
Both GB boards are on their way. I trust you will enjoy the challenge :D

3rd February 2009, 10:36
Received in lightning fast time and arrived in perfect condition, thanks Astral!
(believe it or not, I think I actually bought some of the bits and bobs I will need for it from you a while back, just gotta find where I put them!)

Beautiful looking board, if only someone with more money than sense would produce them fully populated and sell them with a case...

In the meantime...

What have I got myself into ??? :lol:

10th February 2009, 19:56
My board arrived today 8)
quick&secure, thanks!

10th February 2009, 21:46
Good luck with the Build guy's & don't forget the pix :wink:

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