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20th January 2009, 14:05
Hey all,

I recently ordered Amiga Forever 2008 Premium Edition (download + physical product) direct from Cloanto at a cost of 53 inc p&p.
After waiting around 3 weeks for my order i sent them an email to find out where it was and was advised that it is in the post and since they understand it is difficult for customers in the uk to order they have sent me two copies.
This morning i recievced two brand new sealed copies of the Premium Edition (CD + 2 DVDs). I have unsealed both copies to make sure of different license keys and can confirm two different keys.
So now i have 2 physical products with 2 different license keys and a download with a 3rd license key.
So now does anyone want to purchase one of the physical products (CD + 2 DVDs)?
It is guaranteed brand new but unsealed but HAS NOT been installed so license is unused.
Looking for 25 plus p&p.



20th January 2009, 20:58
Yes pleeeeease :)

Would you like to PM me with how to pay, postage costs etc

20th January 2009, 21:36
pm sent regarding payment

20th January 2009, 22:28
payment recieved from imnogeek.
Thread can now be closed.

20th January 2009, 23:03
I've always had great customer service with Cloanto. Good sale!


23rd January 2009, 22:35
Arrived yesterday all is gooood.

23rd January 2009, 22:40
Nice one Mike / Gary

Wish I had the cash to spare I would have loved an official licensed copy of that
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TC :wink: