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29th January 2009, 22:36
Hi all,

I've just got a laptop DVD drive for my Efika, but it came without screws & I have no idea what thread pitch/size they should be...plus I've not got a thread gauge that is small enough to measure the holes.

Figuring there is probably a standard size for these, I thought asking here for some might be worthwhile.


Kin Hell
30th January 2009, 22:30
Whoops! I accidentally edited this post...Kin has been notified! *Fingers*

Kin Hell
4th February 2009, 11:06
ever heard of going Back on your browser? :lol:

M3 x 0.5mm pitch m8. Thats Metric Thread btw! :wink:

4th February 2009, 12:32
I'd already navigated far far away before I returned to find out what had happened... :(

Oh & I'm fully aware that the "M" stands for metric :lol:

Anyway, what I was trying to say when accidentally buggering up your post, is that I have hundreds of the screws you suggest, but I need ones for a laptop DVD drive. They are tiny little buggers, much smaller than the ones mentioned as for regular drives.


4th February 2009, 13:11
I think you will find they are M2.

Have a look here for full specs http://www.cotsworks.com/PDFs/SFF-8552.PDF

Kin Hell
4th February 2009, 13:25
Nice one Gary, thanks. :wink:

Apologies FLB! :|

4th February 2009, 23:30
Excellent, thanks guys!

DoogUK has offered me some over in my thread on EAB, but if he can't find them now I know what to look for :mrgreen:

I'll lock this thread now given the above, as it's no longer required :D