View Full Version : Wanted Delfina 1200, aura 16, or clarity 16 anyone got? :)

15th January 2008, 21:11
I'd love one of the above! I need a 16 bit sampler for my A1200, to fit into a desktop case. Thanks! :)o

5th February 2008, 08:15
Heys musijon74, I have created your own wanted add, as the other had been fulfilled and was locked.

Good luck with your search.


6th February 2008, 13:29
Cool, thanks Zetr0!

I actually have the 12 bit one, but if anyone has the 16 bit one, I'd still love that one! Can we edit the title to be Aura 16 bit sampler wanted?

<edit> OK I get muppet of the day! I've edited title. </edit>

Many thanks! :D

20th August 2008, 20:59
Sorry to bump this - just wondered if someone might have one lying around yet? I appreciate that the above samplers are close enough to rocking horse.... er, well you know what I mean! My ideal would be the Clarity, but I think they made about 4!

Cheers! :)

20th August 2008, 21:04
Don't be sorry, it's been six months! Good bump. :)

(N.b. this is not a general call for all old topics to get bumped...)

21st August 2008, 10:18
Hmm, I have an Aura at home, but I wouldn't know if it's 12 or 16 bit (probably 12 bit).
I Haven't got an A1200 anymore so it's pretty much useless - I'll check tonight what it is and it will go on Amibay - either as 16 bit for musojon, or as a 12 bit for anyone who's interested :D

21st August 2008, 12:19
cheers mcvenco! Nice one. I hope it is 16 bit, but it is more likely 12. Thanks for your help.

25th August 2008, 21:49
Research took a bit longer (couldn't find the damn box), but as far as I can tell, it's the 12-bit version (couldn't locate anything that remotely resembles an AD1847 DSP chip).

So if anyone wants the Aura it's now for sale, but this is not the right topic for that :-)

26th August 2008, 00:34
ok mcvenco, never mind. Many thanks for looking! Yeah, i have a 12 bit one already. Horrible sound quality, you would think 12 bits would be better! Cheers again!

10th September 2008, 20:09
Sorry to bump this - I've edited the title, widening my search a bit. I'd like any 16 bit sampler which conceivably could work with a 1200 in original case - preferably a delfina 1200 as that will work directly with octamed soundstudio mixing, or a clarity16 or aura16 pcmcia if not. Or any other 16 bit samplers I've missed.


31st December 2008, 14:45
^^bump^^ Noone has found one of these yet have they? :)

Happy new year!


22nd March 2012, 12:19
I have a Clarity 16 for sale!

5th January 2013, 13:30
Nightmare! This will learn me to forget about amibay. On the very unlikely case that you haven't already sold it please let me know. Oops.

5th January 2013, 14:58
Nightmare! This will learn me to forget about amibay. On the very unlikely case that you haven't already sold it please let me know. Oops.

I still have it!

7th August 2015, 17:11
I have a auta 16 boxed with manual and disks for sale. Pm me if needed