View Full Version : Closed 17inch tft monitor

6th February 2009, 21:14
hi im after a 17inch tft screen for my arcade cabinet needs to have screw holes in for wall mounting

thanks james

Kin Hell
6th February 2009, 21:28
LOL m8. - ......but it isn't a Cabinet if on the wall is it!? :lol:

/...Kin asks for forgiveness but just couldn't resist! :mrgreen:

6th February 2009, 21:41
ok mate you got me its so i can mount it in the cab

Kin Hell
6th February 2009, 22:20
LOL m8y! - Looks like a fun project!

Keep us all posted, but do it in the Photo Booth Please.

Our oh so Love-able Zetr0 will love this hax0rism! :mrgreen:


6th February 2009, 22:26

Isn't there anything you can't Hack, I'm impressed mate, what an inspiration.

TC :wink: