View Full Version : 2B Timming Fixing & other Mods

8th February 2009, 15:28
For my dear Juvvy J UK :)

Hardware Pr0n my friend :)

A big thanks to Ian Stedman for the actuall instructions and write up.

so whats left to do?

well re-install the Svideo mod, (one of the wire became with all my roughing around with the mobo)
and installtion of a vertical PCMCIA port :)

8th February 2009, 15:55
wow Zetr0!! fantastic work bud! i mean what else does a growing mobo need? this should now give me a rock stable mobo to start with :D :shock:

thankyou my friend,

8th February 2009, 18:31
more than welcome m8, hope you like the captions to the pics :)