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17th February 2009, 20:32
Hi guys

Bit of an impossible search I fear but If you don't try,

I'm looking for an A4000D with a rev 3.2 A3640 040 card, must have usual 16MB FastRAM & 2MB Chip, KS 3.1 ROMS & preferbly fully functional.
CD Writer pre-fitted (due to A4000 Dimensional limitations) is a must also & nice white & clean Fascia.

I know it's a tall order but there must be one local.
UK sourced only as overseas shipping costs will push this beyond my budget.

I hope someone can make TC a member of the exclusive A4000 owners club :lol:

Cheers all
TC :wink:

Kin Hell
17th February 2009, 20:35
/Kin Puts hand up! :D

17th February 2009, 20:41
Kinny even by your standards mate that was quick :shock:

I know you well enough mate If you got it I'll have it ????

Shall we discuss terms by PM ?

TC :mrgreen:

Kin Hell
17th February 2009, 20:48
I just bombed your mailbox with how many Mb??

Lemme know what you think. It's the Clock that's worrying me! :|

L8r m8y,


17th February 2009, 20:55

The pix look absolutly perfect mate just what I was looking for, with a bit of repair work to keep me happy too.... :mrgreen:

I shall make a paypal payment for the amount we agreed in the PM right away.

Cheers again, I'm glad I decided to post this thread tonight, I've been meaning to do it for weeks.

Let us know when you receive the payment
Best Wishes

17th February 2009, 21:00
WOW! :shock: This transaction must be some sort of AmiBay record!

Congrats TC!


17th February 2009, 22:22
Cheers Heather

I spoke with Kinny on the phone which helped speed things along, I can be impatient too mind :lol:

The A4000 that Kin has offered me has a fault in the clock circuit which is due to Battery corrosion which I have studied in the pics he sent.
It means a bit of surgery & the replacement of the Address latch IC & a bit of tracking, but the deal we have agreed is that I will repair the old girl & be a Proud A4KD owner courtesey of our Kinny.

Of course once Kinny accepts payment & the deal completes I can get started on it & rest assured the photo booth will be adorned with loads of hardware pr0n detailing the repars.

I don't like doing things the easy way :wink:


18th February 2009, 12:31
Kinny rules :)

18th February 2009, 15:38

I look forward the pr0n! I really wish I had been able to get into electronics much more than I did. Oh well, it's good to know people who know electronics as well.


Kin Hell
21st February 2009, 12:42
Well Bas, you should have her by now. Hope she landed safely. :D

21st February 2009, 14:00

She arrived Friday.... Excellently packed, I took her upstairs & gently started to unwrap her........STOP STOP, this is getting far too silly. :lol:

She's in great nick, Exactly what I was after, I thank you for the manuals & spares bag too :wink:
I will start fault finding the clock circuit but I'll start a new thread in the photobooth to show some pix of the repair....Zeets get the runny honey ready !!! :wink:

Charlie Many thanks indeed my friend.

A Belated TC :mrgreen:

PS oh I forgot to say, I've named her 'Kinelle' :lol:

22nd February 2009, 21:01
WHOOT!!! wow i want one too!!! anyone else got one? or just a plan a4000 will do ?

Kin Hell
22nd February 2009, 22:31
<snip> :wink: