View Full Version : Wanted GBA, GB & GBC Games wanted

4th June 2011, 20:12
As I have just bought a GBA Player for my Gamecube i am in need of games for it.

Thing is right now i am just putting feelers out but i do have a 2gb hard drive for 1200 or 600 if wanted to swap (comes with the cable) And i also have a 600 cradle here.

If your looking for anything else let me know and maybe a swap can be done.

If money is wanted then let me know and we can do something about it with in the next few weeks.

Oh before i forget I think the GBA Player will only take PAL games but i could be wrong

The hard Drive could be more than 2gb i will check up on this tonight

ok didnt take me long this hard drive is defo bigger than i thought its around the 6gb mark and i found a site as well