View Full Version : Wanted TI-99/A4 Games

9th June 2011, 10:44
I'm looking for one or more games for the Texas Instruments TI-99/A4. It does not matter what games, but it should be a Solid State Cartridge. I just want one or two for my collection.

Because i want some games by each of my computers and i bought the 99/A4 without anything.

9th June 2011, 13:38

Is the cartridges your after or just the ability to play the games? As I have recently ordered a cf add on for ti that allows playing any program / game from a disk image.
It also includes 32k expansion & printer port

Just thought I'd mention it :-)

9th June 2011, 14:23
I just want the cartridge. Want to keep it like it ment to be. It's for my retro collection, so im glad whit one or two cartridges to show/she him working.

I use my A1200 to play games :whistle: