View Full Version : Found Cyberstorm PPC or MK3 + RTG

14th June 2011, 10:48
Hey peepz,

I wanted to start an A4000 again (sadly I sold my previous beast) cause I really want to experiment in custom ROMS and Deneb, cause having to burn ROMS for every module change like I do on my A1200D PPC... is kinda lame and time consuming for my needs.

I wanted to start finding the accelerator plus RTG card first (as I did in the past) so I'm seeking for an CyberstormPPC or Cyberstorm MK3 because I'd like the quick SCSI bus. For an RTG system I'm seeking only for PicassoIV unless someone has to offer a bundle of CSPPC/mk3 with CVisionPPC or an CSPPC/mk3 with Grex4000 :D

16th July 2011, 21:51

Come on peepz! Show some CSPPC/mk3/PicassoIV/CVision/Grex4000 love :D

16th July 2011, 23:02
I might need to downsize abit, since I am going for A1200 PM sent..

16th July 2011, 23:47
Wow. That was an nice unexpected surprise!

PM replied :)

17th July 2011, 18:17
Deal closed and payment sent!
Thanks Jurgen my friend :)

17th July 2011, 18:23
It is always a pain to sell something like this, but one PPC board is enough and we worked it out looking at previous sale.

Thanks for the fluent transaction I will do my best to protect this parcel. I am glad it is in your hands. It would have hurt more if it got in some unkown fellow hands.. At least I can get some info about rom burning for A4000 now .-=

17th July 2011, 18:45
...At least I can get some info about rom burning for A4000 now...
You bet!
Once I setup my system be sure I'll write a thorough guide for some custom ROMage with Deneb :D

17th July 2011, 19:03
Ah the DENEB just loads modules. It even can include lha :D If you put the library 040 and 060 it boots workbench 3.1 without patches.

17th July 2011, 19:32
Yeah I know my friend. I used to have a Deneb on my previous A4000 PPC setup and worked like a charm with Custom Kickstart in modules loaded via Luciferin :)

17th July 2011, 19:40
Am I the only one that hated DENEB's "rom" area? :lol: I couldn't get used to it nomatter how hard I tried... the KickFlash on the other hand was a breeze for me, I had it installed along with deneb just for the rom addon feature

21st July 2011, 09:00
Package arrived yesterday as it should and feedback already left!