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16th June 2011, 22:13
hello all...

i need to build an A1000 keyboard (chop up a dead 500)

but i need the phone type cable that it uses.

my UK phone cable is too wide?

Does the US one fit?? 4pin rj10

Bought a keyboard from the other by

thanks - please close.

16th June 2011, 22:20
my UK phone cable is too wide?

Does the US one fit??

Yup! :)

16th June 2011, 22:24
really ? okay who's got one ?


16th June 2011, 22:56
Mate, if you really can't get one, i'll send you one. (no guarantee on the color though) We have the wider phone jacks here in Greece too, but even my local electric parts shop has the narrow US-type phone cables available!
If you're in a hurry, best look around you carrying a regular (wide) socket cable to compare immediately... :thumbsup:

16th June 2011, 23:23
I can buy rj10 rj11 or rj12 in the uk but what I'm not sure of is...

What the he'll is it? Some say 9,10,11 or 12

What fitting is it?


16th June 2011, 23:25
I'll check mine when I get home, but I always thought it was an RJ-10..

(OK, you might have noticed the edit.. ;-) )

From what I'm reading, RJ11 is the 4-pin for the phone base, and RJ10 is the smaller for the handsets.

Sorry, I'm a bit rusty.. ;-)


17th June 2011, 07:07
Ah good man , everyone seems to have a different idea what the fitting is..

17th June 2011, 07:51
They all seem a bit confused... :)

17th June 2011, 08:24
Rj22 sounds more like it , all the the USA for a start :-)

17th June 2011, 16:20
You want an RJ11 4P4C - 4 positions, 4 connections. American telephone cables are 6P4C.

I dismembered a telephone for mine, as you will find them typically on the cable which connects the handset to the base station...

Also available on ebay. You want 4P4C: I can't emphasise that enough ;)

17th June 2011, 16:34
Well, technically, there is no RJ standard for handset cords. Since the cord doesn't connect to the telco, they didn't feel the need to standardize it..

So it's not technically an RJ at all...
It's left up to the vendors to call it what they want..

The closest official name is 4P4C (4 Position 4 Conductor)

(Hadn't really looked into this before, even tho I was a telephone tech for a while back in the day.. ;-) )


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Chiark beat me to the 4P4C.. Dang, I'm just too slow this week.. :lol:

American telephone cables are 6P4C.

American phones to the wall jack are almost always RJ11, which is usually 6P4C. Sometimes it's 6P2C, which I always hated when working around businesses, as they might need the second line the other 2 wires carry. If I grabbed a random cord from my pack and it only had the 2 wires... :censored:

That's why we always took those and CUT THEM AND THREW THEM AWAY!!
:D (Ah, memories!! )

But American phones use the smaller 4P4C handset cords..

Of course, with cell phones and IP phones, even those are going away...

If you need a handset cord, I have a bunch in the garage. I can test them on my A1000 first. Although shipping overseas might take longer than you want to wait.. ;-)

p.s. We never used the 4P4C name when working on the phones. We just said "throw me a handset cord." ;-) Although I mostly did business systems and payphones..

17th June 2011, 16:56
thanks guys :-)

looks like a trip to Maplins tomorrow

excellent work