View Full Version : Closed WTD: 2 x SATA Cables with rightangle connections on 1 end

23rd February 2009, 18:06
Strange request I know but I recently picked up a second hand PC from a local computer fair which is all great but it wasnt until I got it home and wanted to install a couple of new HDD's in it that I realised that if I use a regular SATA lead, I cant put the side back on the case. Oh Joy. :roll:

I'm hoping someone happens across a couple of these as I'm not able to find ANY which have a regular connection 1 end and 90 degree on the other.

You get them in HP DC7600's CMT's if that helps to locate some :D

23rd February 2009, 18:55
I may have some of those, I'll have to go and root through my cables bag though.

23rd February 2009, 19:01
Yep got 1 but its right angled both ends. Any use? Yours for postage if you want it.
No right angled power connector though (for some strange reason).

23rd February 2009, 19:43
if what r0jaws has is no good to you then google SATA18RA1 and CB-SATA2R

23rd February 2009, 22:44
Cheers for the Dig r0jaws

Looing at how the 4 SATA connecters are on the motherboard a rightangled one wouldnt fit in the connector I need it in and would block the other if I used another. :cry:

Thanks very much for looking though!

24th February 2009, 11:23

Cheers for the codes.. looked at those. They look like exactly like what I need :D

Good price too.

Might have to spend some Moving House money on those :)

(have to keep it quiet from the wife mind!)