View Full Version : Closed el cheapo A600 wanted

17th June 2011, 22:47
Working but condition not really an issue , dont need wires either - although a mouse would be nice :-)

i need something with pcmcia to copy files / adf easily

pcmcia sd adaptor would be handy


17th June 2011, 23:50
Im thinking of selling a600 with hxc floppy soon just waiting for parts in post, got the hxc floppy just waiting for a600.

The setup im thinking rom 3.1 , 2mb, 1gb compactflash hdd, amiga mouse, commodore a600 box, hxc floppy and a600 psu 160 plus postage has gift

you just need convert adf and other formats to hfe format.

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if dont dont like that setup i can change it to normal floppy, rom 2.05, a600 psu, amiga mouse, 1mb, 1GB CF card with transfer adaptor and disc 60 plus postage has gift

17th June 2011, 23:58
i think maybe i should set up a floppy emulator as DF1 on my machine , i dont really need an A600 but the pcmcia is an excellent way of copying data via fat32 sd

18th June 2011, 00:02
yeh on my amiga 1200 there are virtual floppy emulator i use diskimage .device i think got off aminet.


I think this can be only used on os 3.1 upwards though.

18th June 2011, 00:28
i was thinking i may get another hxc floppy as a ext floppy unit

18th June 2011, 06:21
im going to sell mine with a amiga 600 and 16gb sd card

18th June 2011, 09:20
hi, if i bought a 600 it would only be for transfering ADf and to CF hard drives so im not too interested in any extras at the moment..

18th June 2011, 09:27

I may have an A600 for sale shortly, its just a standard base unit. I can try and find a PSU and other bits but can you give me a few days to confirm?

I think I have one in the loft but I cant actually get into my loft (gf has to go up there cos I dont fit :oops: ).

Give me a few days and I may have what you need :thumbsup: Im pretty sure I have one up there :) Youre not getting my souped up ACA630/25 machine though! :p lol

18th June 2011, 09:30
lol hi

your a good man - i just need the 600 really, i have lots of A500 PSU's about the place

although a mouse and or pcmcia sd reader would be super !!

many thanks :-)

18th June 2011, 09:32
Itll be a good few days mate but Im sure I can sort something :thumbsup:

18th June 2011, 09:35
no rush , thats perfect.

thank you :-)

18th June 2011, 16:49
ok if just want a600 base with floppy drive, compact flash transfer card and mouse, id want 45 pounds including postage

without floppy drive 40 pounds including postage but i dont think ill have my 600's until wednesday

21st June 2011, 16:10
no reply guess not interested

21st June 2011, 16:48
sorry uigflip, i forgot this wa still open.

i have one sorted now thank you anyway

21st June 2011, 16:50
i have one sorted now thank you anyway

Do you want this thread closing?

Dave G :cool:

21st June 2011, 17:07
sorry, yes please