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13th July 2011, 17:58
For sale after 5pm offers to buy this item is an:

Phase5 Blizzard A1240/60 T/ERC with 68040@40 and 32MB. Original box and manual included, 128MB HP simm comfered working is an option. It does fit in a trapdoor A1200 but needs spacers and cpu fan power!

/quote from box:
68040 beschleuningerkarte fur amiga 1200 tower umbauten
68040 accelerator board for tower housed amiga 1200 computers

Extra 128MB simm (needs a rubberband to keep it connected) would be + 10 euro and a postcard.

Pictures will be added tomorrow or if really wanted I can add gsm pics today.

Owh almost forgot the price: 199 euro 32MB or 209 euro and postcard for the extra 128MB. Not including p&p and paypal.

EU shipping will be 9/17 euro's depending on t&t.

13th July 2011, 18:21
I take it :)

If theres nothing broken

13th July 2011, 18:22
Interested, second.

13th July 2011, 20:17
Interested, third in line.

14th July 2011, 01:09
Pending payment: Sold to godspeed including extra 128mb.

14th July 2011, 03:33
Money Sended :) with paypall

14th July 2011, 14:04
Money recieved. Pictures as promised.
Edit 2nd try for pictures.
Edit2, not showing the 128mb simm will make a picture of that also

14th July 2011, 14:20
Awesome! :bounceBoingBall:

14th July 2011, 14:26
Awesome! :bounceBoingBall:

You already payed, but it's nice to see some pictures before the postman rings at your door. Thanks again.

29th July 2011, 18:51
This card is very awesome Thanks it was nice to make business with you :)

30th July 2011, 10:34
Feedback left
and feedback recieved.
Topic can be closed.

30th July 2011, 18:34
This card is very awesome Thanks it was nice to make business with you :)

And thank you also, don't forget my postcard :)