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13th July 2011, 21:18
Revision 2 board (the latest)

IDEFIX Express: Speed up IDE on your Amiga 1200 up to 5.1MB/sec

It is installed over top of the Gayle chip of the A1200, and a small cable connects between the express-adapter and the IDE-fix adapter.

40 GBP inc. UK postage - For international postage, please add an extra 5 GBP

Paypal accepted - buyer to pay any fee's imposed by Paypal.

13th July 2011, 21:34
intrested mate,pm sent
payment sent

13th July 2011, 21:40
ask him he he wants an indi too

13th July 2011, 21:54
ask him he he wants an indi too

You selling one then?

@ Johnim

Payment received mate, thanks!

15th July 2011, 20:54
recived today and working fine getting about 3.3mb
2 x onboard

now what is the clockport part for

thanks leaving feedback now

15th July 2011, 23:35
feedback left for both closing now