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14th July 2011, 22:25
Up for sale is a Village Tronic Picasso II+ 2MB graphics adapter.

The card is in nice clean shape and working perfectly. It comes with the original box* and the needed Pass-Through cable. No printed manual. I'll include the drivers on CD-R.

*It's only the white box without the printed paper that wraps around it.

Here's a link with further descriptions: http://amiga-hardware.com/showhardware.cgi?HARDID=467

I'm asking 75,- + P&P.
Buyer has to add PayPal fees or sends money as a gift if possible.

Here are some recent pics of what you'll get:

The last pic is showing the expansions menu of Early Startup Screen. The "Error" in the upper right corner comes from my monitor, as there was no scandoubler present. Probably you'll recon' the 15,6kHz...

Feel free to ask any questions. :)

14th July 2011, 22:33

Just to help with the sale, the easiest way to setup the PicassoII is with the Picasso96 driver, I used the one from Aminet with my PicassoII:


Whilst I had mine I took a Video for my YouTube page demonstrating the pass through function which is auto switching (scan doubler or 15 khz supporting Monitor needed) the system here was EC030 using WB3.1(Classic Workbench Advance) @800x600x16


Good luck with your sale :thumbsup:


14th July 2011, 23:01
Declaring interest. PM sent.

14th July 2011, 23:04
ship cost to spain please, second in line.


14th July 2011, 23:55
Shipping to FRANCE or SPAIN is 10,60 insured and tracked via DHL. :)

15th July 2011, 07:11
Also interested. 3rd in line please. No PM yet, I'll wait and see if it falls through... not very likely alas.

15th July 2011, 16:47
Hi, any news about this post??.


16th July 2011, 13:25
Hi, any news about this post??.


Awaiting pictures :)

16th July 2011, 14:49
next in line

18th July 2011, 15:01
:(:( I must withdrawn my interest :(:( ...
Sorry AlexP and good luck for your sale!

20th July 2011, 16:06
Ok, sorry people for the delay!! Had serious trouble regarding work, really no time left to breath. :mad:

@LTAC: No problem mate, everything important was said via PM. ;)

@hsc: You're second in line after LTAC. I'll PM you after this post.

20th July 2011, 22:35
As we talked....Im INTEREST!

20th July 2011, 23:07
now I'm not interested because it needs 3.1 to operate. thank you very much , luck with the sale

21st July 2011, 10:09
Have you removed the resistor necessary to use this with modern monitors?

Easy to do, but an essential modification unless you want to burn out the resistor and potentially damage an LCD monitor

21st July 2011, 11:11
The resistor is not present on a Picasso II+ afaik. I only used the card on TFTs monitors and there is at least no burnt resistor viewable around the vga ports.

Can s.o. please verify it's existance? I'll remove it in that way.

21st July 2011, 11:31
Money sent to AlexP by PayPal.


21st July 2011, 11:53
Money received! Thanks for your buy!

Card will be sent when flip returns from him travel.
Status will be updated then.

21st July 2011, 14:40
I do not know what happened.
You sent me private message and told me that I was the first in line.
I declared interest, I sent you private message and you sold to another buyer.

21st July 2011, 14:48
closing this for a mo, untill someone takes a look at the thread

cheers, JuvUK

21st July 2011, 14:48
I do not know what happened.
You sent me private message and told me that I was the first in line.
I declared interest, I sent you private message and you sold to another buyer.

Flip was 3rd in line on the thread (see page one)

21st July 2011, 15:29
Nothing untoward going on here at all. The queue is as follows:

LTAC -- withdrawn interest
hsc -- withdrawn interest
flip -- accepted and made payment

Anything discussed over PM is irrelevant unless interest is declared in the thread.

Thread re-opened for flip and AlexP to complete their transaction. Any one with any further queries is welcome to drop me a PM.

21st July 2011, 15:43
Thanks for clearing this up Andy!!

It seems there was a problem in communication between rubenscarrilho and me. I recommended re-reading the rules... ;)

18th September 2011, 04:53
Nearly forgot...:oops:

Deal completed some time ago, flip let me know by PM he received the item well and is satisfied.

Positive feedback left for flip! Thanks again! :)

Thread can be closed, also thanks and our staff here. :thumbsup:

18th September 2011, 08:34
Leaving feedback right now.