View Full Version : Closed B52 Rock Lobster Pcb

15th July 2011, 14:48
from a A500 must be working and willing to ships to the states number on back of PCB AW/312513 REV 3

15th July 2011, 19:24
If I was you, I'll ask for another revision, mate. The revision #3 is plagued with bugs and is not reliable.

Prefer a rev5 if you want to seep using only 512kb chip mem (and 512kb slow/fast ranger mem) and/or ROM 1.2.

If your goal is get the best possible A500 get a revision #6 (up to 1Mb chip RAM without special hardware, just a simple hack), or even a 8.x board (hard to find in USA, specially the NTSC version), which is the 2Mb chip RAM possible board.

Any way, good luck with your search!

16th July 2011, 03:22
Thank you yes if i could find a better version i will be happy

16th July 2011, 03:46
I have a few PCB's in the stock pike, I willl check over the weekend.
All NTSC from Canada, so shipping will be Not so bad.