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16th July 2011, 15:58
Edit: Have decided I will split the bundle if requested for anything.

UK Shipping only as cost is too high to ship international.

For sale as a bundle is all of my amiga stuff.

A NOS Amiga 1200 from eyetech a few years ago NO yellowing at all. Fitted with 4GB CF IDE adaptor.
Boxed and all original disks. inc OS 3.1
Preinstalled with OS 3.1 with extras
£70 or swap for A500 accelerator.

Typhoon 1230/40mhz Accelerator
32MB Simm
£100 or swap for a500 HD sidecar.

Unboxed Amiga 500 and 512 kb Ram Upgrade and 1.3 disk.

16th July 2011, 16:07
uh nice :)
Can´t see Shadow Of The Beast 1 & 2 and Turrican 2

16th July 2011, 16:17
Sorry, they're the budget version so hard to see in the photo's. :)

17th July 2011, 10:36
Hi Gouldin

Welcome to Amibay :)

Just to help the sale along, can you indicate whether you are willing to post this lot out and if so, whether you will post internationally too :thumbsup:

The A1200 looks in superb nick, Im sure someone will snap this lot up soon :)


17th July 2011, 11:17
I may be looking at it the wrong way, but I see:
- A1200 Commodore Magic Pack boxed
- A1200 unboxed, yellowed and without sticker
- A500 boxed

That is a little different than:
- Amiga 1200 from eyetech
- Amiga 500 and 512kb Ram upgrade, boxed with manuals and OS 1.3 disks
- Unboxed Amiga 500 and 512 kb Ram Upgrade

17th July 2011, 11:51
Sorry, the yellow a1200 case without sticker, is just that.

The A1200 Magic pack was purchased brand new item just before eyetech closed/ assume changed to amigakit wasn't a refurb or anything like that.
I'll try putting together a big shot for it with ALL items in the pic to clear things up.

Postage is fine, though will be at buyers expense depending on location.

17th July 2011, 12:29
As discussed above, a pic of all 3 systems and descriptions of each.

Top Left: Amiga 500 + Ram upgrade. Has slight yellowing on some of the keys. This is the boxed A500 which I have owned from new since I was 4 or 5.

Top Right: Amiga 500 + 501 official Ram upgrade, battery is still in good condition. Purchased this on ebay a few years ago as I haven't seen many 500's in this condition lately. No yellowing at all.

Bottom: Amiga 1200 (the boxed, upgraded one, not the shell) As stated, I purchased this several years ago when eyetech had new old stock. The only thing I have ever done to it is I put the original Commodore sticker on it over the paper one that was on it.

As a bonus, I also found a working (just tested) original A1200 internal floppy drive which I'll include with the bundle.

17th July 2011, 16:25

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19th July 2011, 20:58
Thread Closed.

Going to attempt to swap for other items instead.