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16th July 2011, 20:32
This joystick has been sitting in a box for the last 20 years so I decided to clean of the dust and see how it worked. I used Advanced Amiga Analyzer to test it and it works great! It has a "Baseball Bat" style handle with 2 fire buttons. A switch on the base selects either fire button. The cable is approx. 5 ft. long.

$7 + shipping + 1/2 Paypal fees*

Standard Paypal payments are accepted. Shipping via USPS parcel post to continental USA is estimated at $5-10 w/tracking. Insurance is optional. *Since most Amibay sellers expect the buyer to either pay all Paypal fees or risk Paypal in Gift I have decided to offer to split the Paypal fees 50/50 with the buyer. However, Paypal in Gift is offered as an option to save on Paypal fees.

18th July 2011, 13:45
Price Drop!

21st July 2011, 23:46
OK Amibayer's near and far. Due to apparent lack of interest here in USA, I may make this item available to international buyers. However, the cost international shipping may make it cost prohibitive. (i.e. Priority mail to Canada is approx. $25, UK and Europe is $35+). Also, Paypal fees increase approx. 1% on international money transfers. On the other hand, after 30 days and no interest maybe it's better to just close this thread. What do you think?

18th August 2011, 02:30
2nd price drop!

Also, international shipping is possible at a lower cost using First class mail w/o tracking. If you would be willing to risk shipping w/o tracking I assume you would also risk Paypal in Gift to save Paypal fees right?

8th January 2012, 17:08
This thread may be closed! (Please)

8th January 2012, 20:13
Shame no one wanted it; i've the exact same model, bought the day i purchased my A1000 ('86) and it's still going strong! Oh well, will close this for you.. :thumbsup: